क्या है National Testing Agency? JEE, NEET tests twice in a year – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. Sir aaj computer har jagah pohoch Chuka hai or agar ham har bat pe ki na koi excuse deke education quality ko compremaise karenge to hme gov. Ko koi Kam nahi kar rahi education sudharneme bolneka hk nahi

  3. With limited seats conducting exams twice a year would be a lengthy process if there is a gap between the exam is 3 or 6 months. It will be a loss of vital time for those who fails to get selected or placed.

  4. yes is it very help full in future ..first of all lees than pepar use…bec thoused student gives this exam so online is envormental friendly…save time …in year two time exam will coundets so student will take more chance for eligiblity….jay hind

  5. I think it's a good intiative to conduct the exams twice a year and I think other government competitive exams should follow suit. It is a lot of pressure when there is only one exam a year and if by any chance the student fails to attempt the exam due to various reasons, or have not fared well in the exam, they need not be so disheartened. It can also avoid a lot more untoward incidences.

  6. Exam conduct karna ek BUSINESS industry ban Gaya hai
    Maharashtra ke B.Ed aur D.ED students ye baat ache se samajhte hai.2010 se koi teacher Bharti nahi Hui Lekin her saal exam zaroor lete hai kabhi(t.e.t) kabhi T.A.I.T FEES 500 SE 800 RUPEES.

  7. Sir it is the good news for conducting the exam by computer. But the problem is that two times in a year it is not good becoz of this other entrence exam aspiarent can claim so acc. to me it is not good. It also will degrade the quality of exam or standard. Thank u so much sir for providing us the knowledge full videos .

  8. दो बार एग्जाम लेने का मतलब है दो बार एग्जामिनेशन फीस भरना इसमें बच्चों का नहीं एग्जाम लेने वाले का फायदा है कोई बच्चा नहीं चाहेगा कि वह सिर्फ एक एग्जाम दे एग्जामिनेशन फीस के रूप में ₹700 लगभग लिए जाते हैं जो दो बार एग्जाम देंगे तो ₹1400 हो जाएंगे हर एक बच्चे को टेंशन होगा . पैसे लूटने का धंधा है

  9. Hello sir I have good solution of the problem which Tamilnadu government think that it will not easier for the student of lower section to be less reliable with the computer. For that government should conduct a practice set before the actual test so that it will easier for everyone.

  10. Ya I do want to see all other exam to me cunducted like that but the problem is that this type of system can create great confusion in the minds of young candidates. So I don't really want that a single cam to be conducted twice.


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