भूगोल के 100 महत्वपूर्ण विषय [100 Important Topics Of Geography For UPSC] - Videos


Rajtanil Solanki tells you about 100 Important topics of geography for upsc cse. She not only takes you through the facts but also teaches you how you can understand the topic thoroughly while preparing for a competitive examination. An extremely important video for all aspirants.

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  1. I can't able to understand GC leong by self study without supplemented with your physical geography(specially oceanography ) lectures on mrunal.org.…those like me who are not attending coaching your lectures are like gifted by god. no comparison of your lectures….thanks

  2. Welcome mam Murnal Sir ki website par aapki class humlog watch karte hai.Mam we all miss you please produce more lectures video in your free time on geography(uncovered human geography) please mam please …………………

  3. madam u r lec r very imp for upsc!!!! its like basic books ncert and GC Leong …..hope u will give more lec u r teaching skill is really magical and creative …..god bless u

  4. well,I have understood ur deliberation.But, frankly to say ,it is not a banal talk to fix a or two books that can pave the way for us towards UPSC.So apart from ur assessment we,more or less, wittingly or unwittingly,are indebted to regular books.So please mention such books.I think,this will help us to think likely to ur way.

  5. Points to Remember:

    1. Geographical Time scale.
    2. Interior of the Earth
    3. Theories of Physical Geography
    4. Catastrophic events: Volcanism, Earth quake, Avalanche, etc
    5. Climatology: composition of atmosphere, etc
    6. Temperature inversion
    7. Clouds
    8. Fog
    9. Advanced Climatology: pressure belts, coriolis force, Planetary wind system, etc
    10. Climatic regions of the world: Equitorial, Rainy, etc
    11. Oceanography: Ocean currents, ocean tide, El Nino, etc
    12. Geographical history of India.
    13. Physiography of India: coastal plains, Deccan plateaus, etc
    14. India's Water resources.
    15. Climate of India
    16. Vegetation type of India.
    17. Soils types in India.
    18. Indian Agriculture & Livestock: crop issues, land issues.
    19. Agro climatic climate.
    20. Irrigation in India
    21. Green revolution: latest developments
    22. Dairy & Forestry
    23. Mineral & energy resources in India
    24. Environment & Bio-diversity: parks, deforestation, etc
    25. World Geography


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