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indian polity by laxmikant chapter 22 parliament of india complete summary
Parliament legislative organ of the Union government parliamentary form of government, also known as ‘Westminster’ model of government.
 Articles 79 to 122 in Part V of the Constitution deal with the organisation, composition, duration, officers, procedures, privileges, powers and so on of the Parliament.
Composition of Rajya Sabha and lok sabha – Representation of States Representation of Union Territories
Nominated Members
The various aspects related to the system of elections to the Lok Sabha are as
Territorial Constituencies
After every census, a readjustment is to be made in (a) allocation of seats in
the Lok Sabha to the states,
Though the Constitution has abandoned the system of communal
representation, it provides for the reservation of seats for scheduled castes
and scheduled tribes in the Lok Sabha on the basis of population ratios
Though the Constitution has adopted the system of proportional
representation in the case of rajya Sabha, it has not preferred the same system
in the case of Lok Sabha. Instead, it has adopted the system of territorial
representation for the election of members to the Lok Sabha.
Duration of Rajya Sabha AND LOK SABHA
The Constitution lays down the following qualifications for a person to be
chosen a member of the Parliament and disqualification
In the following cases, a member of Parliament vacates his seat.
1. Double Membership 2. Disqualification
3. Resignation A member may resign his seat by writing to the Chairman
of Rajya Sabha or Speaker of Lok Sabha, as the case may be. The seat falls
vacant when the resignation is accepted. However, the Chairman/Speaker
may not accept the resignation if he is satisfied that it is not voluntary or
4. Absence A House can declare the seat of a member vacant if he is absent
from all its meetings for a period of sixty days without its permission. In
computing the period of sixty days,
5. Other cases
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