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Hypothesis Testing for Statistics GRE-GMAT-CAT-CMAT-CA-CS-CWA-CPA-CMA- A-level – Bcom – AIOU – CBM – Karachi University – Punjab University – MBA -PGDBA – PGDM – MCA – M Com – BBA – B Com – IBPS – GRADE 11 – GRADE 12 – BANK PO – FIII – CAIIB – IAS – UPSC Suppose that in past years the average price per square foot for warehouses in the United States has been $32.28. A national real estate investor wants to determine whether that figure has changed now. The investor hires a researcher who randomly samples 19 warehouses that are for sale across the United States and finds that the mean price per square foot is $31.67, with a standard deviation of $1.29. assume that the prices of warehouse footage are normally distributed in population. If the researcher uses a 5% level of significance, what statistical conclusion can be reached? What are the hypotheses ? Online Statistics Tutor, Statistics 1 tutor, Statistics lessons, Statistics Help, College Statistics help, Statistics homework help in USA, UK, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Maldives, Mauritius, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brunei, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Denmark.



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