1 August 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. Bhaut acha lecture tha

    स्ट्रीट ऑफ Malacca between मलेशिया & इंडोनेशिया

    Korea पेनी सुला के left main eak hai Yellow sea & east china sea

    8 core sectors,: Refiniary, क्रूड ऑइल, Stell, सीमेंट, Natural Gas, Electricity, Coal, Fertilizers.

    Q1 Ans: only 1
    Q2 Ans : only 1

    Thanks sir
    Jai Hind

  3. Good afternoon sir,
    STUDY IQ videos of hindu analysis by you +pib analysis+current affair by Garg sir+ current important topic of ongoing context are enough for NEWSPAPER SECTION for UPSC or personal reading of nespaper(HINDU) has to be done.Please guide me sir.

  4. nice sir……continue always…..analysis 1 hour ho bhi koi problem nahi. ..coz ur analysis through maps..this is very easy to learn n understand.. i m new in study so ur vedio very helpful for me..plz don't stop

  5. 8 core Industries electricity Steel refinery products crude oil coal  cement natural gas and fertilizers

    Strait of malacca . Way to enter… exit in…
    From Western side yellow sea and in the southern side east China Sea it is in between Malaysia and Indonesia
    Straight of Malacca is used for navigation and trade purpose between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean..


  6. A moment to retrospect and introspect into the huge influx of immigrants from the neighbouring countries into our country since we attained independence. The matter is of grave concern to the citizen who are literally deprived of their basic needs and inalienable rights. There is an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the indigenous citizen of being completely subjugated and annihilated by the ever increasing and ever growing immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar. The following are the main reason for the early demand and need for updation of citizenship :
    1) Humongous and exponential rise in immigrants population i.e. chances of complete domination in regard to socio political field. In our Democratic form of government in which majority gets a higher representation.
    2) Share of basic needs and aspirations are unequally divided. Be it in the field of employment, education, healthcare etc.
    3) Dilution of indigenous culture and language.
    4) Illegal encroachment and land grabbing through coercion and intimidation in reserved land and forest.
    5) Internal and external national security issues.
    6) Rise in illegal activities.
    What could be done in order to mitigate this issue?
    1)Long Porous international boundary is the main cause for the rise in undetected influx. Construction of high wall and fence along the boundary will to a great extent reduce the ever increasing immigrants population.
    2) Faster deportation system be established .
    3) Sensitize the people living at the vicinity of the boundaries.
    4) Early completion of NRC and implemented in true letter and spirit.
    5) Strong,decisive and visionary pressure groups as political party are mere puppet of populism.
    Apart from the above mentioned points, it is to be kept in mind that no any genuine legal citizenship holder be unnecessarily dragged into and harassed.


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