1 December 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. 1. Map
    ⬛️ New Zealand
    ? Capital : Wellington
    ? Currency : New Zealand Dollar
    ? Official Language : English

    2. Right to Privacy
    ? Fundamental Right, *Part 3*, *Art 21*.
    ? Protection of Life & Liberty.
    ? K. Puttaswamy vs. Union of India.
    ? Aadhar Card is related to right to privacy.

    3. Operation Insaniyat
    ? Operation insaniyat is launched by Indian Govt. to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (By ministry of external affairs)

    4. NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)
    ? Founded in 11 march 1986
    ? Motto : Empowering Indian Police with Information & Technology
    ? HQ : Delhi
    ? Parent Dept : Ministry of Home Affairs

    5. AEW&C Nethra (Airborne Early Warning & Control)
    ? Developed by : DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation)
    ? Nethra is UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commonly known as drone.

    6. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant
    ? Russian backed 2200 MW in Tamil Nadu

    7. Species
    ? The Great Indian Bustard : Heaviest flying bird in India found in adjoining regions of Pakistan.
    ? The house sparrow : Class : Aves and found in most part of country.

    Jai Hind !

  3. National Crime Report Bureau
    Formed = 11 March 1986
    H.Q = New Delhi
    Director = Ish Kumar
    Motto= Empowering Indian Police with Information Technology.
    Case name of Right to Privacy = K.Puttaswamy v. Union of India under Art 21.
    Netra is an Indian highweight autonomous UAV ( Unnamed Aerial Vehicle ) for surveillance & reconnaissance operations. It is developed by DRDO.
    From Russia in India Power Plant = Kudankulan Power Plant in Tirunelveli ( Tamil Nadu).

  4. Jis tarah hm kisi insan ko uski outer appearance se judge nhi krna chahie…..Usi tarah kisi movie k release hone se pehle hume judge nhi krna chahie…..write the critic after watching the movie…..

  5. *NCRB works under ministry of home affairs, established in 1986 HQ in New Delhi
    *Kudankulam nuclear power plant was setup with help of Russia in Tamil Nadu
    *Under Operation Insaniyat India sends relief commodities to Bangladesh for Rohingyas
    *Netra is a UAV use by Indian Air Force. Developed by DRDO
    *The great Indian Buatard– India and adjoining regions of Pakistan
    The house Sparrow – – Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia
    The Caracal– Africa, Asia
    The slender loris– India, Sri Lanka
    The Star Tortoise– India, Sri Lanka
    The Shy Indian Pangolian– Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan
    *New Zealand is a island country in Pacific Ocean, Wellington is the capital and Dollar is it's currency.

  6. *New Zealand *
    New zealand is an island country in the sothwestern pacific ocean
    capital – wellington
    currency – new zealand dollar
    languages – english , maori , nzsign
    Queen of new zealand – Eizabeth second [1952]
    nearest country of n z – australiya fiji
    > OPERATION FOR ROHINGYAS MUSLIM – operation insaniyat was started by govt of india helping for rohingyascommunity in bangladesh
    2. Adhar card
    launched – 28 january 2009 , adhar card is realated to privacy issue 12 digit number
    and it is under the ministry of electronics and information technology ,privacy under the Art. 21
    3. NCRB – National crime records bureau
    is an indian govt. agency , under the ministry of home affairs
    Headquartered – new delhi
    Formed – 11march 1986
    Director – Ish kumar
    moto – To empower indian police with information technology
    4. The great indian bustard (larger flying bird ) – founded kutchindia and pakistan
    5. the house sparrow (smalll bird) – male in germany, female in england
    6. the shy indian pangolian – bangladesh, india, srilanka, nepal ,bhutan
    7slender loris – india, srilanka
    8 The caracal (wild cat) – india, africa
    9 indian star tortoise – india, srilanka
    * kudankulam power plant tamilnadu it was made with help of russia *

    < have a nice day >

  7. views on padamavati: we should keep ourself above from the politics and be neutral in todays life. Movies r just drama to create an imagionary picture of characters, in d same way padamavati is movi to give brief imagionary history. Just becz of so much oppostion it needs no promotion. People r eager to watch movie , to know the history they r searching on net or even watching vedios on youtube. All this create interest in minds of people. just becz of movi we r raising so many issue, why cant we waste our energy on sexual harrasment going on in society. The history has gone, we need to make our present better fightening against d present social evils rather wich have already passed.

  8. padmavati release honi chahiye…ise kanun vyavastha k nam pr state ka ban lgana b galat h..agr unhe lgta hai k bawal ho skta hai to unke pas police hai shanti banae k liye…bt movie pe rok lagana sahi nhi hai..aur jo log movie ka virodh kr re h…unhe pahle movie dekhni chahiye…hr bat pe rajniti theek nhi h

  9. According to me PADMAVATI movie should be released…. BcoZ every 1 in india has the right of freedom of expression… What they think they have the right to express it before all.. Nd we should not forget that.. people must respect the constitution… However there is a double coincidence of responsibilities from both the sides –
    1) For movie makers- they should keep things in their mind while making movies that history has so many people who were brave courageous nd did everything to save their territory, women, janata. They did a lot of sacrifice.. Women lived with dignity… So they can make such movies but without hurting the sentiments of any community..
    2) For the people- Freedom of expression is a fundamental right… We must not forget it.. Nd there are many more issues for which people need to stand for…. And people should first watch the film nd then they should come to any conclusion..
    For the state government. They need to maintain law and order…..

  10. ~ New Zealand~
    * Capital – Wellington
    * Currency – new Zealand dollar
    ~ In rohingya – operation insaniyat through by government of India
    ~ NCRB – national crime report bureau
    * Formed – 11 march 1986
    * H.Q – New Delhi
    * Motto – Empowering Indian police with Information technology
    * Under – ministry of home affairs
    ~ kudankulam power plant in Tamil Nadu made of help with Russia
    ~ Netra – the DRDO Netra is an Indian light – weight , autonomous UAV for surveillance and reconnaissance operation.
    * Origin in India , Designer DRDO
    ~ justice k.s puttasuamy vs. union of India
    ~ yes padmawati movie should be release


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