#1-Determinants-Introduction,rows,columns,order,diagonal - Videos


Introduction to determinants and its properties,Rows,columns,order and diagonal elements in a determinants.IIT JEE mains-2018 and advanced best free videos tutorials from basics to advance level which are easy to understand



  1. Sir…..bohot dino bad…..I think u left YouTube……..I cannot understand a single word in Jaipur allen coaching….but u are a life saver for me…..Thanks for being such a great and patient teacher……..Will love to meet u soon

  2. Mohit tyagi sir is back .. hurrai .. now maths is going to be more interesting. .. sir please upload vedio like of calculus and algebra .. detailed explanation with questions.. and sir soln of triangle chapter parts are left agr aap vo bhi complete krdete to concept badiya hojayege solution of triangle ke .finally thanks a lot for this .. there is not word to explain how great are you in teaching and nature ..

  3. Sir, I left my tuition and started to watch your videos nw m hpy wth this kind of teaching I got u left YouTube bcuz u r so bg but thnx fr hlp us wdout any profit…..stay blessed sir nd love u so much sir u r my life changer

  4. I don't know who dislike Ur video..only a duffer can dislike Ur video..an extraordinary Teacher I have ever seen..if possible pls upload statistics, prblms on set and mathematical reasoning..thank you Sir..

  5. Best teacher of matys in world sir i am. A resonance lko student still i am learning maths from ur vedios and all my iit jee quewtions are getting solved very easily thnq for u gr8 help sir i was unable to understand a single concept of maths from my coaching teachers… it wwas u who made them clear… never learneed probability and .permutation and combination in such an easy way sir…… and now determinants. Aalso very gud sir thx for all


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