1. Introduction to differential equations | GATE Mathematics for Engineering and Physics - Videos


Subject : Ordinary Differential equations
Books : 1) Kreyszig – Advanced Engineering Mathematics
2) Riley Hobson Bence – Mathematical methods for
Physics and Engineering
3) B. S. Grewal – Higher Engineering Mathematics
In this lecture on Ordinary differential equations for “GATE Mathematics” for Engineering and Physics, by Snehal Dalvi we are introduced to differential equations. We see some applications in Physics where differential equations occur. The ideas of order of differential equation and degree of differential equation are discussed. Then we see definitions of ordinary differential equation and partial differential equation. Finally formation of differential equation is discussed and concept of General solution and particular solution is explained.

Content Shortcuts:
1:10 What is differential equation?
3:38 Order and degree of differential equations
10:59 Ordinary differential equation and Partial differential
13:18 Formation of differential equation
13:18 General solution and particular solution

This lecture is intended towards Physics and Engineering students of undergraduate programs like B.Sc., M.Sc.,
B.E., B.Tech etc.
Students preparing for competitive exams like GATE, CSIR – NET Physical sciences , SET Physics, JEST, TIFR, GRE, IES will also find the lecture useful.



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