#1-Solving JEE Advanced 2018 Using Tricks/Shortcut,without using PEN - Videos


the videos shows the tricks,short-cuts and the secret which can be used to solve questions quickly without using pen and without solving the questions.The questions have been taken from IIT JEE ADVANCED EXAM of 2018 but can be used for JEE aspirants of 2019 , 2020 also



  1. Inspite of thousands of IIT faculties all over INDIA, Mohit sir alone has made this attempt of solving the paper , using Tricks & TIPS !! What else is required to prove that this channel is the ULTIMATE for IIT math !!

  2. Great tutorial Sir. I feel proud that I was once your student in Rise few years back. This it the new and probably the best way of learning. I wish you Good Luck! in your endeavors ahead to make IIT aspirants dream come true. Wish I could help you create content for your channel at some point of time in the future.

  3. Sir, should I drop 3rd year, only for jee main,
    this year I only get 90 mark and my jee advance is also not good ,
    I wanted under 500 mark, next year ,can I do or it effect my future????
    Should I drop, please reply me sir please please


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