10 Last Years MCQs | Polymers | Check yr Preparation level | JEE(Mains) NEET[2018] - Videos


Note:- Ans. Of 3rd Que. is C. Sorry for mistake.? Pls correct it.
?This Video Contain 10 Ultimate Questions to Check Your Preparation Level in Chemistry.

? Solutions are also explained in video.

?10 ka Dum is a Q A series of chemistry which contain 10 ultimate Q from every chapter every day.

? already 16 videos uploaded [chemical kinetics/solutions/chemical bonding/Electrochemistry/Hydrogen/ThermoDynamics/SOLID STATES/GOC/p block 13/states of matter/p block 14 group/ Coordination Compounds/p block G15/Periodic Properties/Redox Reactions/Metallurgy]. This is 17th one.
Pls see play list of 10 ka ?,
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?Online IIT-JEE Mains Advance/NEET/Board Exams Chemistry tutorials By Er. Arvind Arora(Exp. 6 Years)

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  1. sir thodi gltiya hai…caprolactum me 6 carbon hote hai 5 nai…condensation polymer me koi bhi halka molecule jaise ki h2o, roh nikal sakta hai not necessary ki h2o hi nikle…aur ek ques ka answer galat hai…decreasing order of intermolecular forces..apne order galat btaya hai anser C hoga

  2. Sir ji hum👉 NEET👈👩‍⚕️ valonkey useful be karonaa .😢….buhuth acha explain kar rahehai aap.😊… tricks.n tips 😭😢for solving q paper par video banayiye plsss.😢😭….waiting for it..eagerly…tq 😀……plss. jalidi kijeyenaa😢😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏


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