10 November 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  1. सर हमारी आपसे विनती है कि समझाते वक्त आप थोड़ा आराम से समझाएं .ताकि हमें समझने मे आसानी हो।

  2. 1) 1st law commission after Independence estb in 1955 for three year term chaired by M.C Setalvad former attorney general of India .
    2) Marykom achieved 5th gold medal recently honoured with AIBA legend award for '' promising boxing career''.
    3) OBC reservation estb through mandal commission on 1st Jan 1979 under moraji Desai ministry.

  3. # teachers have to improve there quality of teaching. According to me if a student Able to understand what a teacher wants to teach then they dont loose focus and listen whole lecture generously. As we see in the government primary schools. All govt. teachers get a fair salary but inspite of encouraging those children towards education who dont get a chance to go in a good school, they just waste their time in scolding them or by jst looking here and there. The utmost priority of those teachers is money. They dont want to teach, they just want money.
    मेरे एक teacher कहा करते थे –
    कि अगर किसी student को 1% भी समझ आ रहा है तो वो कभी बात नही करेगा।
    So according to me students always curious to know something new.
    So teachers should teach us as that this is there responsibility not as a formality.

  4. If we want to make India good in education system just one thing has to do… Ethics and Values system has to be strong…and in marksheet of student like regular subjects Ethics and Values has also enlisted… So that student dont take this subject lite…And When Teacher teach this subject in class he also learns some values that he missed in his life….correct me if i am wrong…

  5. Science should not be taught like
    S C I E N C E is science..periodic training and appraisal for teachers…
    If PDS system works well then y not our govt schools.. if a private institution can better educate their children with educom,projector and a laptop for each govt school won't be a big deal to govt..

    If our constitution gives us right against discrimination it's the right of every kid to have same syllabus,kinda dressing like shoes and coats..we have to sort out methods to curb the discrimination where it begins not at the end..

  6. Sir mai abhi thoda peeche chal raha hu due to CCA in college I did not able to attend the lectures on 7th u had said that " agar kuchh reforms ki zarurat ho to u can comment it below "
    Ans – Sir mai aapse bas itna kehna chahta hu jabse mai Aug se aapse juda hu aur kabhi kabhi aapke lectures miss bhi kar deta hu lekin sach ma vo 30 mnt mere jeevan ka sabse mahattvapoorn 30 mint hota ha jiske liye aapko dhanyavaad kehne ke liye mere paas koi shabd nhi hai . sir u had really change my life , u had gave it a direction , a quite common sense , attitude , behavior , affinity and the most important thing I get all this at " 0 " cost .
    In today's world where air , water
    is not at free of cost …… Sir , I had to share an incident with u , i had started coaching of psc at a local institute of small district where at first , sir had told that I had to pay rs 5000 for 1 year snd
    I had started a demo and afterwards he told me to pay rs 10000 for hindi medium and I am english medium and 1000 per month for an hour a day . Sir for someone I could not say but this is really hard 4 me . So , after 10 days when he repeatedly ask me 2 fill the form and ofcourse 2000 is the admission fee then I had told him clearly by doing courage that sir , I wouldn't able 2 pay rs 500 p.m . Now , all this I had written to say u only 1 thing what sir gave me the answer .
    "Hamare itne din kyu waste kiye pehle hi bol dete ye sab "market" me pucho kya rate ha psc ki "
    Sir ye vo last din tha or vo last words jab mai padhne gaya tha .
    Is sab ko dekhne ke baad or aapko dekhne ke baad mai sirf yahi keh sakta hu ki kuchh bahut hi acche kaam kiye honge jivan mai jise aap jaisa teacher mila ha thank u very much ????

  7. Hello sir i have been following your hindu editorial series for aboit 2 months … But i have a query about the the sunday newspaper.. eventhpugh it doesnot contain any editorials.. is it not important for the aspirants .yet it contains a lotnof factual information though… it's even bulky …???

  8. If I hv got a chance to improve our education system ,mera first step hoga moral education ko bdhawa dena jaisa k praduman ke case m dekha gya k examdate postpone krne k liye uske schoolmate ne ye kdam uthaya , all of that happened due to lack of moral education .
    Mera dusra step hoga k bache school seekhne aai na k degree k liye iskeliye unhe weekly awareness classes di jai .ar hr saturday aisi hi classes pr based hoga jisme bacho ko hmrare aas pas ar desh me ar world m jo ho rha h use bhut hi smooth language m btaya jai uske positive ar negative points btai jaie ar unhe aware kraya jai .
    Agr quality education ki bat kre to teachers pr focus krna hoga jaisa k kisi ne comment m bola ki teachers training b honi chahiye monthly nhi to must quaterly .
    Ar ab jo generation uneducated h yani jinki soch bhut narrow h un pr work to krana hi h sath hi hme aane wali generation pr bhut jada focus krna hoga as a government…taki unki thinking b aisi na ho
    Ache s ache tools ar techniques ko bdhawa dena hoga ,practical learning pr focus krna hoga taki baccha ye jane mai ye q padh rha h kya faida h isko padhne se meri life me iska kya implementation .
    Children ko best thinkers bnane ki technique pr work krna hoga iske liye books me ku6 aise question ar projects dene hoge jisse wo google ki help se nhi apne dimag s compelete kre .
    Ar b ki steps utai ja sakte h, tbhi India develop country khlaiega jb hmara education system strong hoga qki education is basement for all things agr hmara education system strong to iske products like engineers ,doctors b well strong matlab best.

  9. For education enhancement..
    1 coz more deminishing form of education currently found in govt schools .. so its very imp for regular check ups via competent officers..
    2 society must maintain distance from showing cruel action in front of childrens..
    3 more practicle education and continuous evaluation with carrier guidance..
    4 proportional focus on science, language(specially INDIAN), MORAL SC. , Art and Sport n other curriculum acts..
    5 parents should not do misbehaves in front of their children.
    6 parents should look after had their children are using techs in good or wrong way.. (to prevent blue whale suucides as cases)
    it was created under CHARTER ACT OF 1833 in 1834.. it is organised by ind govt periodically .. current L.C. is 29th L.C.

  10. Mahatma gandhi buniadi education syatem and swami vivekanand overall development of humanity and educational epistemology…should be blended.recent data from HRD ministry says their is lot of shortage of trained techers in elementry education….a childs mind and child himself is very innocent what is the role of teacher is to mold this fragile mind into innovative and creative mind…if in position to make change in system i have two suggestion
    1. Bring All india Teachers services..have centralised system to recruit teachers in both public and private school…strengthen National university for educational training to provide certificate validation to trained teachers .

    2. Educate parents of below lower middle class family…impinge thoughts in their mind that education is not meant to get job and earn money…..education is over all development of humanity,moral,values and ethics of a child. Make them understand that going for higher studies or graduation will give them that opportunity and environment to learn and grow on ethical terms.

  11. If we want to develop education system in India, we need to stop business in education. Because now days everybody is not able to take higher education. Main reason is fees. If there are more colleges then fees will be less. (Supply~Demand).

  12. education is the foundation of any civilised society if I were the prime minister of India then I will emphasis the on the semi privatisation of school and monitoring by experts who are dedicated for their work, and also I will apply new education policy

  13. first law comission in 1834
    we should provide them practical knoledge with bookish knowledge and also provide them some moral education. we can give them education about the rich culture of this country from where they learn patriotism . womens education is very important. because children first learm from his hme and where his mother play the main role. i wil stop the unnessary competition between private institution. improve the structure of the education system. now the education system is based on all round development but i wil focus on job oriented studies and practical implying of them. in this way they will get work and as they have a good quality because of focus only on one subject.society will get perfect suitable man power. than you.


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