100 Expected GK Questions मात्र 40 min में for AIIMS 2018 - Videos


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for AIIMS 2018 best assertion & reason question practice video By Arvind Arora sir. Total 10 questions are solved in video.

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  1. Assertion – H20 molecule can form four Hydrogen bonds.

    Reason- Two line pairs and two hydrogen are directly attached with oxygen atoms.

    ( Ans is 1, how it can be 4 hydrogen bonds?)

  2. 23 min pe jo question h uska answer wrong h because Mr rakesh bhatnagar is new vice Chancellor of BHU ..My brother is in BHU since last 3 years and you also can search about new vc on Google

  3. 0:48sec ques 1- ans is right but explanation is not left and right.. its axial (80)and appendicular(126) skeleton (total 206 bones.)..
    And thank you sir u r doing great job it's really helpful for quick revision….


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