11 June 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  1. 1. Santosa island (Singapore).
    2. The 7th Ministerial Conference of Heart of Asia was held in Azerbaijan in 2017.
    3. Afghanistan has border with 07 countries (India, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan)

  2. canada (asolo) share border in usa .2nd largest countary in the world. Q2 sentosh iceland in singapur near singapur strite(singapurpur divided malaysia in joher strit (JOHER RIVER). Q3 next fifa world qutar(doha) Q4 heart of asia previous year conferance panjabl amritsar headquater istambul (turkey). Q5 afghanistan share boundaries seven country india (new delhi) pakistan (ISLAMABAD) china( bijhing) IRAN ( tehran) tuknenistan( asgabad) uzbekistan(taskand) and tajikistan (dusambe) THE END

  3. 1)US and North Korea will meet in Singapore (Sentosa) island.
    2)FIFA worldcup is held every 4 yrs.2014:Brazil,2018: Russia,2022:Qatar.
    3)Heart of Asia summit(Istanbul process)2017 was held in Amritsar.
    4)Afghnistan is surrounded by 7 countries namely Pakistan>Iran> Tajikistan>Turkmenistan>Uzbekistan>India.

  4. kim joug un and Donald trumph visit in singapore at santosa island
    2 – fifa world cup 2022 Qatar
    3 Afganistan boundaries touch india pak china turkmenistan tajiskistan ujbekistan and iran


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