12 August SSC CGL 2017 Paper Questions And Analysis SSC CGL EXAM PREPARATION IN HINDI - Videos


In This Video We are discussing About maths Question of SSC CGL Exam . We Do Analysis Tier I 2017 12 August 1st shift . 11th August 10th August 1st shift, 2nd shift,3rd shift,9th Aug 1st And 2nd shift
question asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 on 8th-Aug-2017.
ssc cgl 2017 day 1 – 5 – 6august 2017 first shift – exam analysis + review in hindi + questions asked in ssc cgl exam on first day – first shift
daily analysis of ssc cgl 2017 will be uploaded on our channel study for civil services – for 5 august 2017 all shifts ,6 august 2017 all shifts ,ssc cgl paper analysis,ssc cgl 2017 exam paper answer key



  1. 1. playing my way is autobio of sachin
    2 sachin scored 100 century mirpur
    3 64 national film awards best actress saurabhi cm
    4 unit of sound decibel
    5 double taxation singapore
    6currency match ques bhutan malaysia myanmmar
    7 one ques on temple built by
    8 exothermic reaction is one where heat released
    9 arya samaj brahmo samaj match ques
    10 right to property legal right
    11 which is not a fundamnetal duties right to freedom of speec and expression
    12 blue + green =cyan
    13 which is harmful of human body nicotine
    14 BOD is biological oxy demand
    15 FTP file transfer protocol
    gs was moderate reasoning easy except 2-3 ques aptitude is bit moderate as Pie chart was taking time 2 pie charts were given you have to use both .
    english was easy to mod

  2. 12 august… 1 st shift …time and work
    A and B can finish a work in 10 days. if A did twice of his efficiency and B one third of his efficiency then both can finish the work in 6 days. In how many days they will finish the work working alone.


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