12 May 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. Some capitals and countries have very similar names, often because one was based on the other- e.g. Brasilia/Brazil, and Algiers/Algeria. This could get very complicated, using all the different versions in the different languages used, both in those countries and from abroad, so I will confine myself to the names (short forms) used in English.

    Identical capital/country (apart from adding "city" to distinguish between them):

    San Marino
    Vatican City

    Very similar or related, but not exactly the same:

    Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic
    San Salvador/El Salvador
    São Tomé/São Tomé and Principe
    Taipei/"Chinese Taipei" (a.k.a. Taiwan, a.k.a. Republic of China)

    Belize* (was named after the former capital of the colony of British Honduras, and its river, but a new capital, Belmopan, was established in 1970, prior to the colony name becoming Belize in 1973)

  3. mera suggestion ye hai ki light ko sabse pehale save karein… or jo log chhori se electricity ka use karte hain unn par control kiya jaaye…tab hum proper way me goverment k ooper dabab bana sakte hain…

  4. I belongs to Kolkata. Here electricity is provided by a private company (CESC LTD) whose entrepreneur is sanjive goyenka.
    We enjoy full time electricity.
    I think electricity department should be give to private entrepreneur in those 7 states.
    Private sector will able to handle these problem.

  5. Mera 1 question ye hai ki
    Agar kisika graduation complete ho chuka hai…Aur 1st year me uska 1 subject back tha prr wo 2nd year me us back subject ko clear kr chuka..
    To kya supplementary lga hua marksheet wale UPSC IAS exam ke liye eligible hai?

  6. Current Situation of Electricity Sector of India:
    – India is the third largest producer of Electricity but the bad news is that Generation alone cannot be a measure of actual growth.
    – Problem is that per capita consumption of electricity in India is very much low. India stands at 105th place out of 143 countries for which data is available.

    Question is,
    Why India, the world’s third-largest power producer is energy poor?
    – consumption is very much low, the meaning is that the household electrification is not on the actual level. There is huge requirement to analyze and update the criteria of the recently announced 100% rural electrification.
    – The world has said that if a person does not have access to the regular electricity then whatever be the measures he/she uses to suffice the need, will be expensive compared to the metered electricity.

    ** We do not this kind of development what we need is the inclusive and sustainable development.
    – If we want to be an exporter of the electricity then we have to make sure that we have fed our native households or not.
    – development model should be accessible, available and affordable.

  7. sir apk uss question k liye mere pass v ek choti khe ya bdi khe problem hai toh the problem is
    Sir I'm from MP(REWA) aur jaisa ki aap jante hai KI "swachh Bharat Abhiyan" chl rha hai toh idhr toh humare yha ghr-ghr pr ek garbage grab krne k liye morning me ya evening me van aati hai toh humrari colony mein aur pass k log jinko maine dekha hai ki voh uss van ko apna garbage ni dete kisi open field pe fekna psnd krte hai aur bss yeh isliye kyu ki voh van wala per month kuch pese leta hai jha nagar nigam ni hai ya jha hai toh voh pe jhadu maren walon k sath v esa hi hai kyu ki unne bss itta bola ki ap hum per house 100 rupees de digyega but log utta v ni krte. esi thinking hai sir logo ki toh aap hi btao Modi ji kitna v kuch krle but jb tk log ni bdlenge khud ko tb tk desh kese bdlega????


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