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  1. ** He is Mr. Frank Bainimarama
    ** Prime minister of Fiji
    ** He is in news as he is president of COP 23 at Germany
    ** Fiji is the designated nation for COP 2017

    ** Haj committee presents New Haj policy 2018-22
    ** Shri .Ameising Luikham is the chairman of Haj committee of India.
    ** Major Recommendations are :-
    @@ Distribution of quota between HCOI ( haj committee of India) and PTO's ( private tourists operators) to be rationalised in the ratio of 70:30 for the next 5 years
    @@ seats among the states /UT's to be distributed in the ratio of their Muslim population as well as in proportion to the no.of applications received.
    @@ quota for Mehram to be increased from 200 to 500
    @@ special quota for Jammu and Kashmir to be increased from 1500 to 2000
    @@ States/UT's receiving less than 500 application to get priority in distribution of surplus seats
    @@ Reserved category of applicants viz,70+ and 4th times,to be abolished
    @@ ladies above 45 years of age to be allowed in a group of 4 or more to go for Hai without Mehram
    ** and many more recommendations are there….

    ** TALANOA :- It is in news due to COP 23 held at Germany ,related with intended nationally determined contributions (INDC's)
    ** In Fijian language ,it means Spirit of listening,participating, and empathy
    ** Fiji will lead a cultural principle of "Talanoa dialogue " in 2018 .

    Thankyou for the awesum pib…..sir

  2. Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji Frank Bainimarama
    >Afzal Amanullah hajj policy panal
    the government to invest the subsidy amount of approximately Rs 650 crore a year then on educational and social development of the community.
    the Union government to gradually reduce and abolish Haj subsidy by 2022.
    >Talanoa is a term meaning to talk or speak. The four elements around the word ‘talanoa’ are attributes that make the ‘talanoa’ more meaningful and rich. They are Tongan words with similar meanings used in other Pasifika languages.

  3. Personality
    **Frank Bainimarama- PM of Fiji..

    1. Head/Chief of new Hajj Policy Panel-Shri Ameising Luikham..

    3.Talanoa means Spirit of listening, participating nd empathy..
    >Fiji will lead a cultural principle of "Talanoa dialogue in 2018"..

  4. ==>> Frank Bainimarama (Fiji's PM) — as President of COP23 Bonn, Fiji's Govt. holding the presidency this year.

    ==>> 1) Afzal Amanullah (former parliamentary Affairs Secretary).

    ==>> New Haj Policy (2018-22)

    1) Abolition of Haj Subsidy & allowed women devotees 45+ years to go w/o male Mehram.
    2) Embarkation pts reduced from 21 to 9 in contrast with pilgrimage travel via sea route.
    3) Quota b/w HCoI (Haj Committee of India) & PTOs (Private Tour Operators) as 70:30 respectively.
    4) Mehram quota increase from 200 to 500. (womens who couldn't apply in time can undertake pilgrimage if their closed relatives are proceeding)
    5) J&K Quota increased from 1.5k – 2k.

    ==>> TALANOA::– Arc of Ambition 2017 is created in order to limit the temp. rise of 2 degree C and further 1.5 degree C (i.e Paris Agree…) & work effectively & efficiently to reduce Adverse effects of CC. The 1st step towards this Arc of Ambition will held nxt yr as FACILITATIVE DIALOGUE 2018. In which all parties of Paris Agree… will take part in progress & to expolre opportunities to go further & enhance NDC 2020 (Nationally Determined Contribution) – 2020.

    In order to be Facilitative & solution oriented Dialogue 2018, FIJI plans to apply the CONCEPT of TALANOA. This pacific island term consists of process of Sharing Stories, Building Empathy & Making wise Decision for collective goodness.
    The pacific island societies relying upon the TALANOA i.e to build better understanding & cooperation within & accross societies.
    Fiji's plan of Talanoa sends a strong signal towards the enhanced collective efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission under tha P. Agreement by acknowledging the urgency & challenges faced to maintain this agreement.

  5. The Union government has formed a six-member committee to study the ways to improve India’s Haj policy and look into the issue of subsidy to the pilgrimage in light of a 2012 Supreme Court order on gradually reducing and abolishing it by 2022.

    Shri Ameising Luikham, is head of Hajj policy panel head.

    Major recommendations of the Committee are as under:

    Haj Policy of the Government for Haj Committee of India

    1. Distribution of quota between HCoI and PTOs to be rationalised in the ratio of 70:30 for the next 5 years.
    2. Seats among the States/ Union Territories to be distributed in the ratio of their Muslim population as well as in proportion to the number of applications received.
    3. Quota for Mehram to be increased from 200 to 500.
    4. Special quota for Jammu & Kashmir to be increased from 1500 to 2000.
    5. States/ UTs receiving less than 500 applications to get priority in distribution of surplus seats. This will benefit UTs like Andaman & Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu & Puducherry as well as smaller States like Chhattisgarh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Manipur.
    6. Reserved category of applicants viz. 70+ and 4th timers to be abolished.
    7. Ladies above 45 years of age to be allowed in a group of 4 or more to go for Haj without Mehram.
    8. Only one category of accommodation in Makkah, in Azizia and adjoining areas to be hired with new, multi storied modern buildings with transportation facilities for the pilgrims
    9. Re-hiring arrangement to be made for new, good and big buildings in subsequent year.
    10. All accommodation in Madinah to be hired in Markazia only.
    11. Stay of all Indian Hajis to be ensured within the traditional boundaries of Mina.
    12. Adahi coupons to be made compulsory for each pilgrim.
    13. Breaking cartel of contractors with transparent bidding process. Hiring rate to be brought down with better negotiations.
    14. Embarkation Points (EPs) to be reduced from 21 to 9 which are (1) Delhi (2) Lucknow (3) Kolkata (4) Ahmedabad (5) Mumbai (6) Chennai (7) Hyderabad (8) Bengaluru and (9) Cochin. Suitable Haj houses to be built at these EPs. States/Districts to be tagged with each EP properly.
    15. Facilities created in discontinued EPs to be used for round the year training, orientation of pilgrims and other productive uses for the community.
    16. Saudi Government to be consulted regarding Haj travel by ship and thereafter floating an EOI to gauge the market for such travel.

    Talanoa" is a well-known concept on Fiji and in the South Pacific. It is a term for inclusive, transparent dialogue, in which people listen to each other, respect each other's perspectives and seek solutions that benefit everyone. It is exactly what we need to tackle climate change – one of the great challenges of the century.


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