13 November 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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    SSC CGL + IBPS Quantitative tricks – https://goo.gl/4BBEXs
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    Reasoning tricks for Bank PO + SSC CGL- https://goo.gl/a68WRN
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    Static GK complete- https://goo.gl/kB0uAo
    Complete GK + Current Affairs for all exams- https://goo.gl/MKEoLy
    World History – UPSC / IAS – https://goo.gl/kwU9jC
    Learn English for SSC CGL, Bank PO https://goo.gl/MoL2it
    Science and Technology for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/Jm4h8j
    Philosophy for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/FH9p3n
    Yojana Magazine analysis –https://goo.gl/8oK1gy
    History for SSC CGL + Railways NTPC – https://goo.gl/7939eV

  2. Krishna river originates from mahabaleshwar of karnatka.. Nd covers almost 4 states such as maharasthra karnatka andhra pradesh and telangana.
    Gst amendment 122nd constituation bill officially 101th const amendment launched on 1st july 2017.
    Look east policy started by former pm IK gujral during pv narasinha rao and atal bihari bajpaye.
    Cop23 will be held in bonn in germany nd chairperson will be fiji president mr frnak bainimarama.
    Asean meeting about the economic snd cultural development of north eastern states.
    Father of artificial intelligence is alan turing.
    The weather makers book include about the geography nd environment effect of india. By tim flannery.
    Brqzilliwn grand pix car racing won by vittal ziwan.
    Call malamud who started on working open food items to be marked as safety.

  3. Ai yes it will impose a threat to humanity if we starting fully depend on it like if algorithm of taking self descisions and feelings.. Then after a periof they will overcome us. Nowadays we can see these artificial inteeligence working for us a siri in apple, google self driving car, and as a 2nd plqyer in chess made us lag behing these robots… Nd this thing is warned by us by tje space x founder and a billionaire Elon musk said that we should find the precaution how we will control the situation if adopting ai in weaponisation for india.
    And it is viee good in sense that it will redice the burden of humans and can be used in education fields in shortage of teachers, in medical field and in industries and as home caretaker.

  4. Gst : 101 the amendment act of constitution
    122nd amendment bill of India
    GSt chairperson : Union finance minister
    GST members : The union minister of state in charge of revenue of finance.
    & finance minister of each day individual states of India

  5. Krishna river
    Origin Mahabaleshwara
    Its 4th largest river in terms water inflow
    Length 1300Km
    Basin : 258948 sqkm
    Krishna river flows in 4 states
    Maharashtra , Karnataka, Telangana and Andra Pradesh
    Krishna wild life sanctuary is located in Andra pradesh
    Nearest city to this sanctuary is vishakpattanam

  6. sir please please reply for a thing…what should be our writing question for IR? should we write the points as generally said about the Mr trump that he can change his policies anytime and all…how answer should be written..

  7. Mahatma gandhi was thrown from train on 7 th june 1893 on pietermaritzburg railway station south africa
    GST 101 th amendment act
    122 th amendment bill
    1 july 2017
    Look east policy started by former pm pv narsimha Rao 1991-1996
    And its enacted during former pmAtal bihari vajpayee 1998 -2004

  8. *Pieter maritz berg railway station
    -mahatma gandhi was thrown of station in 1893
    * cop23 fiji
    -un climate change conference bonn2017
    -first truly global deal to tackle climate change
    -goal below 2 degree
    *gst (101)one hundred and first amendment of the constitution of india
    * krishna river
    -first status survay of the fauna in krishna wildlife sanctuary
    -fourth biggest basin area in india after
    -flows maharashtra,karnataka, teleangana, andhra pradesh
    -source near mahabeleswar
    tribute tungabhadra, koyana, ghat prabha

    and thax veer sir and map practice is really good idea , jay hind

  9. Hello everyone….kaveri river originates from mahabaleshwar village of satara district of Maharashtra……then it flows through Karnataka; Andhra Pradesh then finally goes into bay of Bengal near Vijayawada……and it is second longest(1401)km river of peninsular India after Godavari……….thanks

  10. There is myth that AI has failed but AI is all around us every second of the day.
    AI sorts on our smart phones like siri, cortona and google, we all use now. so they are definetly not intelligent but yes they are a little bit smart we know some other things.
    we definetly live in the era of the smart machines. IBM, google, microsoft , facebook, apple, neflix, amazon…"the AI race in the silicon valley is on" every big company is investing in his field. digital evolution mostly follows exponential growth pattern. it starts from very little and then picks up the speed in the last .the computin power speeding up and prices of memory is really going down. because of this speed up most of the digital markets are increasing the browsing speeds. because if you have high speed you will lead.
    once we reach a certain level of machine intelligence,and the machine becomes clever enough it can start to apply its intelligence to itself and improve itself. it will get smarter day by day.it might help us to improve our industries , armies, society. but what if , if realy something goes wrong how would be able to control the system.
    1- remove the plug- no plug
    2- build in, kill switch- very dangerous
    3- build a digital cage- secure?
    4- limit resources- digital darwinism
    computers will be as smart as people but only briefly.intelligence could increse to colossal levelss. moreover, it can modify itself its intelligence and keep doing it until it reaches the apex.
    AI will be the last stage or end of human biological growth.and we humans have already started using thath growth in us, with the usage of calculators samrt phones laptops and softwares.
    with the usage of calculators humans have lost the capacity of self numerical calculations. humans started to play with numbers on the small displayed number box which answerd all additions and multiplications, divisions, subtrations . humanity took addiction as role and behaviour.
    with the use of mobile phone smart phone social media and game apps, humans have started loosing the remembrance power.the biological growth of the brain ended with the fullstop.
    a chemical production in the human brainalmost came to an endthe use to keep the telephone numbers in memory. smartphones replaced the human brains with speed dials and messages. social media and gaming apps replaced the physical contact of humans.human brain started more to indulge and pass theit time , meet their friend relatives through applications and software games replaced long talks between two individual different brains.
    virtual world is already existing. humans are enjoying the % of efforts that has been replaced by programmed software's. AI will gradually be incorporated into humans and virtual platforms like oculus and vive will become samller, much higher quality and integrated directly into our brains.
    fertility rate in south korea japan and germany taiwan and other highly wired countries are far below replacement levels and declining. game and internet addiction are huge problems in japan where young people are in creasingly loosing their neeed of having sex and south korea, where it was declared a health emergency.
    so there is no future to wait and see the end of humanity..it's already staretd. and to correct the terminology it's not an end to humanity, it's an end to human biological growth.
    AI will be the advanced form of today's software and internet addiction , where the caracter of AI will be leadingand functioning the human lifestyle. and yes indeed humanity will come to an end in a way.
    there won't be a reproduction part played with the help of AI who can live walk talk and think like humans. and if only a small minority of huma is reproducing ,unless they are having very large families,human population will be declining rapidly.
    with AI we are shaping up and creating the demon.in all those stories where their,s the sage with the powers and the clone, its like-yes he can control the demon. but demon can never be controlled, it does'nt workout.

  11. India is 7th largest country on this planet. It is surrounded by three oceans (i) bay of Bengal, (ii) Arabian Sea, (iii) Indian Ocean.
    India's neighbor countries are follows:
    i) Pakistan
    ii) Afghanistan
    iii) China
    iv) Nepal
    v) Bhutan
    vi) Bangladesh
    vii) Myanmar

    Longest border sharing is with Bangladesh

    East Asia Summit is a forum held annually by leaders of 16 countries of East ASian, South East Asian and South East Asian regions. Membership extended to 18 countries including US and Russia in sixt summit in 2011(in Bali, Indonesia). 12th and latest summit held in Manila, Philippines

    GST Act, 2017 was 101st Constitution amendment act

    Krishna River States: Maharashtra (origin near Mahableshvar), Karnatka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
    Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary is in Andhra Pradesh

  12. ??????INDIA ??????
    ? It's lie in Asian continent india called a peninsular country . Because it's bounded with water bodies from 3 sides.
    29 States.
    7 Union territories.
    Neighbouring Country
    Myanmar (Burma)
    ??Srilanka(In Indian ocean)
    ??Maldives (in Arabian sea)
    ?Andman & Nicobar island lies in Bay of Bengal.
    ?Lakshadweep island lies on Arabian sea . it's a coral reefs island.
    ??An active valcono called 'Barren island'lies in eastern side of Andman & Nicobar island.

  13. Sub. AI
    Today our world deal with the machines. In our daily life we use mobiles ,manufacturing machines,vehicles etc. Without these things we can't imagine we survive.In the era of developing efficiency the next step of ours towards artificial intelligence .AI completely made our life easily and we do less work in less time and also do the work with accuracy .
    In today's world many areas in this planet are covered with the terrorist so , we use this AI or man made robot to demolish terrorist without any loss of soldier life. We also use this kind of robot in manufacturing company with the accuracy and speedly.

    With these advantage AI can also harmful for us.If in case of we put the wrong input in AI then these machines cause massive destruction and the bigger loss in job because human being work with less efficiency so robot take that place and less number of job available for people .
    AI intelligence good if we use it in very serious manner and control of this machine by right person .
    Jab hind.

    Likhne ani sands pehli baar likha hai glti ho gyi ho toh bta dena comments mein

  14. 1. Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan
    China Maldives Myanmar
    Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka
    2. 7th june 1893, fighting for civil rights, riding in 1st class compartment against racism.
    3. COP-23, Dates: 6-17 November 2017
    location: Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    4. Artificial intelligence is a scientific terminology used for the machine who can think like human being (take decision manipulate things etc.).Future of robot is consider as the robot with artificial intelligence. Every new invention comes with some pros and cons as Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite for the constructive use of human being but dynamite in many cases use of destruction purposes, people are considering same can be happen in case of AI too.
    5. Look East Policy was started by our former PM P. V. Narsimha Rao.
    6. GST- One Hundred and First Amendment of the Constitution of India.
    7 KWL- Andhra Pradesh


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