14 August 2018 – The Indian Express Newspaper Analysis हिंदी में – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. Sir don't be discourage by less numbers of views,like comments etc. it won't justify what Noble inciative you are doing to country & youth. I'm not aspirant of UPSC but I am ardent follower of your profund knowledge and have been watching regularly this series. Please it's my humble request to you don't stop this series your way of explaining editorial & views marvlous. There could be several reasons less numbers of views & comments first this serie has been stared recently, second length of videos slightly longer which is relevant third many editorial series running on internet by various channel so it will take time to get some recognition.

  3. sir please ye series continue rakhiye … may be abhi views kam hain but it will gradually increase …. thanks for your hard work sir …. you guys are doing very well….. aapke videos mujhe personally UNACADEMY se behtar lagte hain … really great …. thank you again ……

  4. Answers to today's questions:
    1. Diesel vehicles- orange stickers, Patrol and CNG run vehicles- blue stickers, Electric and hybrid- green
    2. Bhartruhari Mahatab got Outstanding parliamentarian award for 2017.
    3. Myanmar capital-Naypyidaw and currency- burmese kyat

  5. Wholeheartedly Thank you sir for providing anysis of The Indian express. Please don't stop discussing it. 🙂
    Ans. 1) light-blue colour for CNG n Petrol
    Orange – diesel
    And apex court also asked to consider green number plates for electric and hybrid vehicles.

    Ans. 2) 2017 – Bhartruhari Mahtab (BJD)
    2016 – Dinesh trivedi(TMC)
    2015 – Ghulam nabi Azad(cong.)
    2014 – Hukumdev narayan (BJP)
    2013 – Najma heptulla (BJP)

    Ans. 3) official name (since 1989, earlier it was Burma) – Union of Myanmar
    Capital – Naypyidaw
    Currency – Burmese kyat


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