14 Dec 2017 The Hindu by la Excellence – CivilsPrep - Videos


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  1. Thank you sir, that's why I love your videos. they help developing perspective , going beyond the article/ news rather than concentrating on just the background and facts given in the paper. It aids in deeper understanding

  2. Thank you sir. peace clause means developing countries are allowed to violate the maximum subsidies provided to agriculture for food security purposes. Without this clause, a developed country can bring complaints against a developing nation if the subsidies are greater than 10% of cost of production of such agriculture produce.

  3. Thank you so much sir,i am seeing your videos today only,i have been suffering for the video's of hindu newspaper editorial analysis. But today i have seen your videos.So for your kind hearted hard work will be use for us. Please try to make these videos in future also and please upload into youtube.(This is my first comment to youtube video because i never seen this type of good videos)Thank you sir


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