These 15 grammar errors are very common even among people who were born in America.
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Here is the list of errors in English I am talking about in this video:
1. Emigrated to
2. Overuse of “literally”
3. Expresso
4. They’re vs. Their vs. There
5. Your vs. You’re
6. Referring to a Brand or an Entity as “They”
7. Who vs. That
8. Piece of mind
9. Use of Commas – to separate elements in a series and to separate independent clauses.
10. To separate an introductory word or phrase.
11. First-come, first-serve
12. Semicolons
13. Compliment vs. Complement
14. Farther vs. Further
15. Title Capitalization

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  1. Hi! I just found your channel couple days ago. I'm from Mexico, so my native language is Spanish. Your videos help me to practice my English and I'm learning German, can you share more tips to learn German? I really love your channel, thank you!!

  2. In the example of they're, their, you're, your, many people on the internet are either lazy or purposely spelling them wrong to look cool or trendy. And you also can't take grammar seriously in those rap lyrics, e.g., I ain't doing nothing. From logic perspective, double negation means positive. But it just means I am not doing anything.

  3. actually americans speak out wrong english. I think english learners must take practise of english by brits… cuz if u know real english it is easier to learn other dialects of that lang… and "head hasnt exploded".

  4. Это очень странное видео, какой-то непонятный набор очень разных косяков. И да, некоторые из них допускают и нэйтивы, но всё равно впечатление очень странное. Смешали в кучу ошибки в грамматике, словарном запасе, туда же устойчивые выражения, словосочетания и прочие абсолютно разнородные вещи, некоторые из которых при этом либо вообще практически не употребляются, либо просто не запомнятся. Получилось какое-то шопопало, как у нас говорят. Извините.

  5. Love your makeup, but can I give you a tip? 🙂
    Spread the black eyeshadow more to the corners so you may give it a "cat" look! 🙂 since your eyes have a natural round shape already.
    In case you spread it "way too much" no problem, just use a swab with make up remover to correct it!

  6. Nice video (although as a native English speaker, I’m not sure why this ended up on my recommended videos). Just a comment about family though. You are correct that family can be used with “they”. For example, “You should meet my family. They’re coming to visit this weekend.” For the sake of conjugation though, the noun is singular (just like a company is): “My family is coming to visit” not “my family are coming to visit”. I don’t know that this that unusual, as you would say that the same way in German as well. Do you know languages that would refer to a family as “it” in that case?

  7. and isn't a preposition, it's a conjusction. and when it's indirect question, you don''t put modal verbs before the subject (7:25)
    and you definitely can use that instead of who or whom

    i was surprised though, you have good vowels and intonation, while your /h/ is sooo extremely russian

  8. 04:01 I guess it has to do with defining/non-defining relative clause thing. You know, to my point of view, it sounds quite OK to say ''people that don't like to…..''. On the other hand, Marina is a special name, which would require a non-defining relative clause, which cannot be cosntructed with ''that''.

  9. I believe the "of mind" works either way in different contexts. I could give you a "piece of my mind," meaning I am sharing an idea or opinion (usually "telling off" – slightly confrontational), or I can say that my savings provide me "peace of mind."

  10. Halo marina, do you like sport? If you do, what kind of sport or excercise do you like? Can make a video while you doing excercise or maybe you can give an suggestion about health life. Thankyou and sorry if my English is not well 😀
    By the way I'm your fans from Indonesia


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