15th July 2017 The Hindu News Daily Analysis In Hindi By Jatin Verma - Videos


Hindu News Analysis – Learn how to read the daily Hindu News Analysis by Jatin Verma. Learn about the current affairs for your IAS preparation.
Current news from around India brought to you by Unacademy. Get insights on the Hindu Newspaper and latest news.

Fresh update on the current affairs for 15th July 2017.
You can watch the full course here:- https://goo.gl/bjs72R



  1. thanks sir for uploading daily Hindu Analysis , even people living in areas like North East India are using this for preparation. You are doing a great social work sir. Please continue this without any failure …..because this is the only source we are getting….

  2. Jatin Verma Ji – Milky is not discovered in 2014 which also contains our solar system. It was discovered back in 1610 but much of the research was done post 1920. Galileo Galilie was the one who discovered it as band of light which later was named as Milky way.


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