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  1. Hello good morning.

    Sunil Chhetri needs no introduction. The Secunderabad-born striker has been the flag-bearer of Indian football in recent times. Chhetri, who also captains India, is also both the most-capped player,and the all-time top goalscorer for the Indian national team, notching 51 goals in 91 appearances.

    Sailen Manna was born in 1924 in Howrah and joined Mohun Bagan in 1942.
    It would not be an understatement if Sailendra Nath Manna, or just Sailen Manna to his fans, is termed the greatest leader Indian football has ever produced

  2. Operation vijay 1961

    Annexation of goa.
    Annexation of
    * former Portuguese territory*

    Liberation by indian armed forces

    36 hours of air ,sea ,land attack.

    Operation vijay also result victory.

    Area annexed : goa ,daman deu,dadra nagar haweli.

    22 Indians and 30 Portuguese killed.

  3. 1857 revolution has a specific importance in morden history of india because it is assumed beginning of indian independence revolution
    Aim:- it had accurate aim to remove British from india and to get freedom
    Time:- 31 may 1857 is chosen to start revolution
    Immediate reason of revolution is sepoy because they had no promotion and low salary and allownce. There was a new act in which indian sepoy should have to travel across ocean. Indian assumed ocean travel as sin. It was running there was new rifle "infield" according to rumour cow and pig skin is used in kaartoos. On 29 march 1857 mangal pandey first raised his voice against this rifle
    Main center and leadership:- Bahadur shah jafar was only nominal leader real leader was bakgt khan who was in bareli.
    Nana shaheb in kanpur, Begum hajrat mahal in Lucknow, Laxmibai in gwalior had fought against british
    This revolution continued for one year in july 1858 this was controlled.
    Reason for failure:-
    1)no participation of local kings
    2)not spread in over all country
    3)lack of arms
    4) difference in sepoy numbers
    5)started before deadline
    6) lack of unity

  4. Swatch bharat abhiyan
    The campaign was officially launched on 2 October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is India's largest cleanliness drive to date with 3 million government employees, school students, and college students from all parts of India participating in 4,041 statutory cities, towns and associated rural areas.

    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) (or Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) or Clean India Missionin English) is a campaign in India that aims to clean up the streets, roads and infrastructure of India's cities, smaller towns, and rural areas. The objectives of Swachh Bharat include eliminating open defecation through the construction of household-owned and community-owned toilets and establishing an accountable mechanism of monitoring toilet use. Run by the Government of India, the mission aims to achieve an Open-Defecation Free (ODF) India by 2 October 2019, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, by constructing 12 million toilets in rural India at a projected cost of ₹1.96 lakh crore (US$30 billion).

  5. (1) Famous Indian soccer players:- Baichung Bhutia, I.M.Vijayan, Sunil Chetri. (2) Operation Vijaya 1961(18th-19th Dec.) :- Military of India that led to the capture of Goa,Daman & Diu. (3) Malabar (Naval exercise) :- Began in 1992, last – 2017(21st edition) during 10th to 17th July, 2017. Naval exercise- India,USA and Japan.

  6. Sir I have a request ….Mekko economic times newspaper padnaa bhoot achaa lagtaa hai… But padnee ka time nhi mil pata …aapke lectures too krnaa bhi thakaa hoo dek hi letaa …hoo
    Too ho sakee too kisi trah , economic times ka analysis krkee batayee hmme study iq ,then it will be good for all of us

  7. Malabar exercise is a naval exercise which involves three major super powers USA,Japan,India.
    First was conducted in 1992 and recently it was conducted in 2017 in Bay of Bengal region.
    Operation Vijay 1961- It led to the capture of Goa , Daman and Diu,and anjidiv islands.
    NGT was formed in 2010 by the act of parliament known as National Green Tribunal act 2010.
    It undertakes articles 21 which assures citizen the right of healthy environment.
    The Revolt of 1857- This revolt is also known as the first revolt of nationalism wich sowed the seeds for struggle of an independent nation.Some historians say it was First war of independence.
    Outbreak of the war was due to several reasons like the political causes, economic causes ,social causes ,and military causes.
    Political cause- The doctrine of lapse particularly was the main political cause for the war as it practical application gave a Singal of discontent to the natives.
    Economic cause – The huge drain of wealth, destruction of Indian industries and increasing the land revenue by the British East India company were the common causes.
    Social causes – The Englishmen showed arrogant attitude towards the Indian natives and it also alarmed the Muslim community of the India due to the activities done by the Christian missionaries giving western education and reducing the importance of native learning lead to lose in their social identity.
    Military causes – The Indians who were serving in the British Indian Army were filled with resentment about the fact that they were not treated equally and the prospects for the promotion was very less vis-a-vis British Indian Army men.
    The hearsay about the new Enfield rifles that it's cartridges were greased with pig and cow fat and which had to be bitten off before loading worked as the catalyst in the flame. Events started with sepoy mutiny in Barrackpore where Mangal Pandey refused to use the cartridges and was hanged. Slowly it covered various parts of the country but the whole like Delhi where Bahudhur Shah II was controlling the revolt , Kanpur where Nana Saheb was the leading figure, Lucknow where begum of Oudh was responsible and Jhansi where Rani Laxmi Bai played a heroic role who was affected by the Dalhousie' doctrine of lapse.
    Failure of the revolt was mainly due to its limited penetration. It was limited in specific areas and all the Indians didn't participated in the movement.

  8. 1. Nepal:
    currency:Nepalese rupee
    border countries: India and China
    2. 2 best footballer in India
    (1)Sunil Chhetri- Secunderabad- current captain of national football team Arjuna Award for football (2)Baichung Bhutia Sikkim -Arjun Award for football.
    3. Malabar exercise: India-USA- Japan- Naval exercise
    -First time-1992
    – Japan join this exercise in 2015
    – latest exercise was performin 2017 in india- Bay of Bengal
    4. Operation Vijay -1961:the operation by the military of India to let the capture of Goa ,Daman and Diu.
    – operation Vijay- 1999: to push back the infiltration in the Kargil war.
    5. Infant mortality rate is measure per 1000 new birth basis and;
    maternal mortality rate is measured per 1lakh basis.
    6. National green tribunal (NGT) it draws inspiration from the provision assure under article 21 of right life and liberty i.e to have healthy environment.
    – SNDT established on October,18 2010.
    7. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aim to achieve and open defection free India by 2 October 2019; the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

  9. Question: 16th November 2017
    Write a short note on the revolt of 1857 in India? (200 words)
    The revolt of 1875 is consider as “first war of Independence”. It is social, political, economical & administrative revolution in the Indian Modern History. It is one of the most important events in History. Several legislative and administrative reforms were made in the wake of sepoy mutiny. This revolt was rose due to discontent and economical torture, religion discrimination, social exploitation of Indian by Britisher.
    Reason for 1857 revolt:
    1) Economic cause
    a) Heavy taxation
    b) High tariff on Indian products
    c) Ruins of Indian artisan craft, handicraft
    d) Industrialization
    2) Social factor
    a) Rise of British missionaries
    b) Abolition of sati
    c) Widow remarriage
    d) Women education
    3) Religion factor
    a) Discontent of sepoy-emolument
    b) Different rifle for hindu and muslim—they used cow and pig fat in the cartridge
    c) Crossing sea means loss of caste
    4) Political Cause
    a) Land lord system,zamindari
    b) Land settlement
    c) Forest law
    d) Doctrine of lapse, subsidiary alliance,
    5) Administrative failure
    a) Rampant corruption in administration-police, court, office,
    6) Legislative failure
    a) Religious disabilities act,1856- modified hindu custom
    Aftermath of 1857/ Consequence:
    a. Administrative reform:
    b. Legislative reform:
    1) Crown directly take control
    2) Designation of Governor General changes to Viceroy.
    3) Ended the system of double government
    c. Hindu-Muslim Unity
    d. Modernization of Education & THOUGHT
    e. Steps to remove social evils- sati
    Mutiny was done in patches /piecewise over the country. Less coordination and unity among one another.
    However Britisher economically, politically & socially exploited to India, then also gave other modern technology like railway, constitution & Parliament, western thoughts and education system. Today also India is proud for it for these contributions.


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