18 July 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  1. Donald trump really the businessman nd in politics also only dedicated towards the vote bank…….
    👉Monetary policy consist of
    3 rbi officials
    3 govt external members nominated

    👉 2+2
    Foreign minister and defence minister

    👉3 sessions
    Budget session
    Monsoon session
    Winter session
    Budget session the longest…

    👉 NATO => Brussels, Belgium

    👉 trump nd Putin summit => Helsinki, Finland

  2. Sir ek diought hai
    NATO 1949 me bani to usse ek saal phle 1948 me hi marshal plan kaise ban gya…
    Jb k aap kah rahe hain ki marshal plan nato se hi nikal kar aya hai…? Waiting for reply.

  3. 1. Kandahar located – Afghanistan of 2nd largest city
    2. Person – Novak djokovic from Serbia Wimbledon winner 2018
    3. Monetary policy member is six : –
    Three is RBI( official) and three is govt of India (external)
    3. 2+2 dialogues – external affairs and defence ministry
    4. Three session conduct by parliament :-
    *Budget (fab to may) longest session
    *Monsoon ( jul to sep)
    *Winter ( Nov to Dec) short session
    5. NATO submit – Brussels in 2018 and Putin submit at Finland ( Helsinki)
    6. Question:-
    *B. Remarriage
    *B. Indigo planter

  4. Govt of any country must have welfare approach to its citizen..it must be less unbusiness like that is it must adopt the way that leads to efficiency but not the goal private players have..DONALD TRUMP as a business man alike attitude may render welfare to USA for a transient period..but his capitalist approach may cause dire consequence in a long run.Moreover presence of Donald Trump has detoriated the image of USA as a GLOBAL LEADER to an wide extend.


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