2 CONVERT given number to PERFECT Square ANS. 4 competitive exams CAT CGL MTS CPO CHSL in HINDI/ENG - Videos


Hello friend. this video is 1st video in the series of videos. In this series i will post QUANT questions Targetting 2018 cat ssc cgl cpo mts examinations/competitive exams. i hope this series will HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT/ And difficult questions askked in various exams.
In this video i have listed total 8 questions related to perfect square and perfect cube. how to make a given number perfect square or perfect cube. this type questions are asked in various competitive examinations. solve these questions and comment in the comment box. i will provide the solution/concept related to these questions in the next video. till than keep watching.
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My channel is all about competitive examination. like CAT SSC CGL MTS CHSL CPO NDA CDS. on this channel you will find videos related to all competitive examinations, and related to quant reasoning GS and english.

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