20 Confusing Word Pairs in English (Vocabulary Lesson: 3/5 ) - Videos


This Video lesson- the third in a series of 5- covers 20 Word pairs in English that are often Confused and Misused because they sound the same (are homophones) or look the same. They feature regularly in Exams such as SAT, GRE, CAT, and other entrances.
Links to all the lessons in this series of ‘Confusing Words in English’-
Lesson 1/5: https://youtu.be/B0COcQtODVM
Lesson 2/5: https://youtu.be/KpIyfS_8T04
Lesson 3/5: https://youtu.be/CsYu7yl-XrM
The video lesson illustrates the following pairs with interesting mnemonics, pictures, and example sentences:
1. Betray vs. Belie
2. Grisly vs. Grizzly
3. Censure vs. Censor
4. Complacent vs. Complaisant
5. Turgid vs. Turbid
6. Feint vs. Faint
7.Childlike vs. Childish
8. Amoral vs. Immoral
9. Empathy vs. Sympathy
10. Flair vs. Flare
11. Principal vs. Principle
12. Militate vs. Mitigate
13. Titillate vs. Titivate
14. Pedal vs. Peddle
15. Prodigious vs. Prodigal
16. Wreath vs. Wreathe
17. There vs. Their vs. They’re
18. It’s vs. Its
19. You’re vs. Your
20. Who’s vs. Whose




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