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Prof. Majid Husain sir discusses characteristics of biological deserts. Sir analysed elaborately the 2017 UPSC Mains Geography Optional question, “Describe the characteristics of biological deserts” (Paper 1 – Section A).

Majid Sir explains that the term ‘Biological Desert’ is used in different contexts by Geomorphologists and Oceanographers. Sir explains the meaning of biological deserts in both contexts with help of important maps and diagrams.

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About Prof Majid Husain:

Majid Husain is an Indian Geographer and is popular for his contribution to Geography through various publications and research work. He is one of the senior most faculty of Geography in and is well respected for his invaluable research in the field of Geography.

He has teaching experience of over 40 years. He was awarded by the Delhi Govt. for the best Geography teacher in 1997. Additionally, he has written many useful books for UPSC preparation and other all India level competitive examinations.

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