25 August 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/ PCS/ SSC/ RBI Grade B/ IBPS] - Videos


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  1. Jinke parent already govt. sector me work kar rahe he unko reservation dene ka kya matlab.ekto study me reservation job me reservation future ke lye reservation . Kuch to ham jaisee economically backwards ke lye karna chahiye…

  2. 1.Education -Concurrent List.
    2. 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,500,2000= 9Notes
    SPMCIL comprises four presses: Currency Note Press (CNP)Nashik, Bank Note Press (BNP) Dewas, India Security Press
    Nashik, and Security Printing Press Hyderabad.
    3.1st viceroys= The Viscount Canning 1856-62
    4.Panchayat has 29 matters.

  3. 1. Education is subject in concurrent list that is both centre and state can make law.
    2. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000 rupee paper note currently available in India.
    3. Printing press in India:
    1.currency note press-Nashik,
    2.Bank note press Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
    3.Note press Mysore, Karnataka
    4.Note press salboni West Bengal
    4. 1st Lord Canning was first viceroy of India (1858-62)
    5. Part 9A: municipality
    – Nagar Panchayat- for area being transformed from rural to urban area.
    – Municipal Council for smaller urban area.
    -municipal corporation for larger urban area.

  4. gd mrng..
    but there should b a reservation on the basis of economical status of a student..the person who earns more than 1lakh or 1crore doesnt need any quota..there are so many people around us who are unable to buy books due to lack of money..Although his/her father may have a normal job…there should be a reservation for lower middle class family.they should also get the chance to move forward..like poor n rich people…their life is more harder than rich and poor class people..

  5. Sir joh baat apne 7:55 par ki about how educationally and socially backwardness is different from economic backwardness and why court rejected plea to grant reservation based on economic status, isko notes/pdf form mai provide kardo please

  6. Its very sad to see that we are introducing economic concept in case of OBC reservation, but the same concept would divide our society if applied to general class, We learned that SC rejected the idea of V P Singh gov saying that we can not discriminate on basis of economical background as we would never be able to end the gap but we can make the same kind of discrimination in case of OBC !!!! I am not quite satisfied with the logic . Why can't we add the creamy layer concept to general class even . There are many poor guys in our society who unfortunately belong to upper class of the society and are deprived of all the facilities because of their birth . They are not getting any infrastructure or gov schemes , yet they have to face the huge competition . Are we doing justice to them ? Our Gov has to seriously analyse the matter if it does not want see another revolution in the country itself .

  7. editorial k hisab se sab sahi h ..but i must say n will alwaz that ..in general catagory also there is so many poor family n backward class in them who do nt get education ..reason – financially,economically backward.. so about them? where will they go? the govt. atleast think abt them also ..otherwise oneday india will left with only those people..who have job on the basis of only reservation ..n the fact is they also dont know how they had cleard the exam ..


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