25 Creative Ways Students Have CHEATED On Tests - Videos


You won’t believe these amazingly creative ways students have cheated on tests. These students took it to the next level with their attempts to cheat on an exam. These funny true stories of the clever ways kids cheat will have you shaking your head and wondering why YOU didn’t think of that back in high school. This compilation of clever ways kids cheat on tests showcases the most clever and creative ways kids trick the system so get ready to laugh as you watch these 25 creative ways students have cheated on tests.

These stories of cheating on a quiz or exam come to us from all over the internet. From funny tales of cheating high school math to crazy cheat sheets used in university these true stories are crazy! If you’ve ever been caught cheating on a test, these smart students will put you to shame with their undetectable strategies. Curious to hear these true stories of students cheating? Watch this video and see 25 creative ways students have cheated on tests and let us know what crazy things you did to pass a test.

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These smart and funny ways that students have found to cheat on tests are impressive. From snail mailing test questions to outside consultants to smuggling in answers written in chewing gum you’ll love these sneaky ways kids cheat on tests (unless you’re a teacher). Teachers, watch out for kids hiding answers under their fake fingernails, making a “micro photocopy,” hiding answers under tights (what a clever cheat sheet!), and smuggling answers under Snapple labels or Ace bandages. Students, think you know all the clever ways to cheat? Do you know how to cheat using a rubber band or invisible ink? Whether you want to know the best way to cheat a college exam or the worse way to get caught cheating – watch these creative ways students have cheated on tests and see which methods make it into our top 10!

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  1. I had a teacher once that said we could have two 3×5 index card with answers on it and to write small. Nothing could be on the back of them…just front. I went in Microsoft Word and used the ruler to type out the test to the size of a 3×5 card and used the smallest font I could read (I think it was a 6 font), printed it out and cut it to size. Needless to say, I had the whole test with me.

  2. Come on, you don’t have the write it on the leg of your jeans? Worked for me pretty good in college. Teacher is distracted 95% of the time and your arms are always over table. not gonna notice small black writing if your hands are on desk

  3. I use to write vocab answers on top of the table in pencil then erase it later. Its pretty hard to see unless you're close because the wood grain and glare hides it well.

  4. I actually did #1 without a phone and instead used a huge piece of paper. Everyone was finishing up and the teacher never really suspected last minute cheats. When no one looked, I adjusted the partially folded paper to reveal the other answers.
    IT WAS REALLY RISKY I admit but it definitely paid off.

  5. when our professors let us out anything we wanted on one side of a notecard- I used to type up every single thing I'd the smallest font size with smallest spacing and bring a magnifying glass to class. 100% true.

  6. A college teacher of mine was pretty cool and it was a very early morning class. We were waiting outside the classroom for security to come unlock the doors to the room. We were joking around a little bit and the teacher said "You've probably got a cheat-sheet right here" and reached inside a guy's coat sleeve and coincidentally pulled his cheat-sheet out. For a second or two, the teacher was actually embarrassed, but finally the guy failed the test.

  7. write super small on the inside of your fake finger nails if they were long… I did this. I used to also just study and make rhymes with the answers.

  8. In school I was known as the artist guy who doodles everywhere. On my books, pencil case, rubber, even my desk. The teachers were lenient, because I was really good at drawing, and made my works crazy elaborate, so they haven't had the heart to make me erase them even from the desk. Thus, no one ever batted an eye at my desk being half filled with tattoo art and fictional letter like symbols.
    So, I've used this to include some actual info interwoven with my random art. As I've said, I was quite good. I've managed to make it crazy obscure, so only I could interpret it. Making letters half complete, vastly differing sizes, skipping a few, combining a few, making a few code letters, etc and no one ever figured it out, not even when they were looking directly at the doodle.
    I once wrote down half a textbook page's worth of info like this, and the joke was on me, because while I was figuring out how to disguide all those letters, I memorized the whole thing, so I didn't need to cheat after all.
    Who ever said that art wasn't useful for education?

  9. My friend and I did the exact same thing for #25 on Spanish III exam le;l. Then In my first year of college, I made sure to wear a jacket that always exposed my chest, and this primed everyone to think that me wearing a more large one was just me doing me, but I really wrote all the answers on a paper on the inside of my jacket; I got called gay twice but it was worth it. Next, I plan to hide a paper with the asnwers to a European History test that I'll hide in my friend's dreadlocks so when we take the test, he can put it into a hidden area on his head that the locks obscure.

  10. When I was in high school, a teacher would most likely let you come after school to finish a test, if you did not finish it during the class period. There was a policy that you were not supposed to look at your notes in between the class period of the test and the after school session during which you finish the test. I still looked at my notes during that time period.

  11. Some time ago I used to check calculators for exams. Someone tried #24 (ie program a reset screen) and flashed it before me. I was not convinced so I took the calculator and showed him the correct reset with the button in the back. You could imagine the displeased look I got.

  12. Yup, this is why when you go see a specialist like an eye doctor, foot doctor or allergist, they never know what the fuck is wrong with you. Students that cheat in medical school all become foot doctors, eye doctors or allergists. The foot doctor has it easy, 1 solution, steroid shot, eye doctor…. blepharitis, here's overpriced eyelid scrubs that actually make your eyes drier so youll keep coming back or an allergist, it's either antihistamines or steroids for you.

  13. When I was in school I had a communications class, in which we studied morscode. One day we had a substitute instructor that was given us an exam, a multiple choice exam. Students would tap out the answers to each question.


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