25 June 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. Iraq is the member of OPEC.

    National Food Security Act : Dec 2013

    Niti Ayog Chairman : Narendra Modi

    Metro Largest Network :
    Bijeing(China) ,
    London(England) ,
    Shanghai(China) ,
    Newyork(USA) ,
    New Delhi(अपना प्यारा भारत)

    Important Facts :

    First Yog Ayog in : Chhattisgarh
    Second Yog Ayog in : Harayana

  3. latest member opec – 2017 equatorial gini ; 2018- congo
    iran is a part of opec
    nationa food secuirty act -2013
    beijing london shangai new york after delhi metro

  4. – Iran is member of OPEC
    – New member state of OPEC : Republic of the Congo

    # National food security act : 2013
    # NITI Aayog
    – Chairman : PM (Narendra Modi)
    – Vice Chairman : Rajiv kumar
    – Chief executive officer : Amitabh kant

    # World top most metro
    – Beijing
    – London
    – Shanghai
    – New York
    – New Delhi

  5. We r not apply official blocked to Nepal and after the Nepal earth quick we r provide lot of services and food product in Nepal .but in case of maldip there r all ready pro chinA govt and maldip president don't care Indian interest so why we r provide. Food export in Maldives .in case of Maldives govt choose best foreign policy and cutoff all facility of Maldives for create pressure

  6. Chairman of niti aayog- pm Narendra Modi
    Austria- is an European country .
    Sharing border with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia,czechia, Hungary, Slovenia.
    Currency- euro .
    OPEC country- 15 member countries . equatorial Guinea (2017) and Gabon(2018) were joined this group .

  7. * OPEC =republic of Congo(2018)
    * National food security act (2013)
    * NITI AAYOG – Chairman – PM Narendra Modi
    Vice Chairman – Rajiv kumar
    * largest metro railway networl cities:-
    -new york

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  9. In our area the distributor sells less amount in compared to written on ration card.when someone oposes he treat them very bad and threaten them. once i went there and tried to call gov. officials but given number on their official site was wrong.

  10. Kya bakwas krte ho, international level ki diplomacy ko pencil cheen li se explain kr rhe ho. Yr aapke video me bakwas bhari rhti he, but majboori me jhelna pdta he. Aapko aur "the Hindu" dono ko.


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