26 7 prerogative birthright meanings in Hindi by Puneet Biseria - Videos


Hi, these videos are specifically designed to learn English vocabulary using pictures and etymology quickly and effectively.
The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and you will get the best and fastest way to learn English vocabulary, as well as your LANGUAGE SKILLS.
These videos are perfect for the students who are at Beginner, Pre-Intermediate , Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels.
Each chapter starts with basic & familiar words, so as to enable you to learn new and difficult words daily.
You can easily REVIEW & REVISE the learned words and topics as it is arranged in a chapter wise fashion and thus everything is CLEAR and EASY TO USE.
Follow these lesson plans and you will learn 3500+ words with pictures and pronunciations.
All of these chapters are specifically designed to help the students who are preparing for any competitive exams that takes place in India.
All the words are explained in a very interesting manner and there are no boring descriptions of English vocabulary.
You will have fun in learning English vocabulary and the way vocabulary is explained is as easy as possible.
And while having fun You will also learn all essential vocabulary, for exams like IELTS, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, BANK PO, RAILWAYS, as well as CLAT.
Everyday a new chapter is uploaded and you can learn your English vocabulary daily.
If you want to become proficient in English only writing and speaking skills are not enough, you need to KEEP ON building your vocabulary.
A good and wide-ranging English vocabulary impresses your friends as well as your employers. And just by following these lesson plans you can easily improve your English vocabulary, on a daily basis, without even going to a class.
And when you make sentences, your practice with the words you have learned improve upon your vocabulary.
Videos are the most effective ways to learn vocabulary as it is through the visual and audio mode.
And The best thing about these videos is you will not only find the meanings, you will also learn about the different forms of the word that is nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.
And Apart from building your vocabulary, you will also learn to pronounce words correctly and improve your general spoken English.
Different techniques are also explained to ensure that you learn Correct spellings, as correct spellings plays a crucial role in competitive exams.

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  1. Sir,but in my home situation is opposite…the PREROGATIVE is my Mom's jurisdiction…I have never talked about pocket money to my Mom…l always call to Papa…only talk to maa about tution fee and books and something important…she is very interrogative… why,how much,where to spend,….etc.etc..

  2. 1 The Princess felt it was her prerogative to always walk in front of everyone else.
    2 Since it was his prerogative, the instructer ended the class 20 minutes early.
    3 if your doctor prescribes a medicine you don't want, it is your prerogative to refuse it.
    Thank you very much Sir

  3. Sir 1 question pls "many of us believe that science is something modern, though the truth is that (a)MEN (b) MAN (c) PEOPLE has been using science for a very long time" sir, which option is correct and why?


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