3 June 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. I have a qustion sir said india cover 17% of total population of the world bt chines has more population as compared to india approximately 1.3 billion. Ye baat kuch hazam nhi huee koi hai jo iska ans dega 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. what about training of men Sir, don't they have any sought of moral and social responsibility or they have some psychological and physical problems in them to commit such heinous crimes, are there no such program to bring them positive and good human being???

  4. such violences can end someone's life and that is a huge loss as a society and also for the nation and this not the case with only married women even a unmarried girl also face many challenges in work place, in streets or at domestic place itself. There is a need to take care our girls and also there is a need of good and character based boys who can contribute for the society and for the nation and be a good human being first.


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