#3 Live Session | MBA MMS College Suggestions | DTE MBA MMS 2017 | - Videos


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  1. Bro I got selected for Chetna PGDM. Just received mail from them. I wana ask wht should I do? Go for Chetna or wait for CAP rounds. I have 92.56% OPEN OHU for both mumbai and pune. Coz they said need to confirm admission by submitting the fees. So wht should I do? Really confused……We are in same dilemma I think

  2. broo
    mumbai university open catagry
    cet score : 70 :: 83.05%percnt
    state :: 6398
    university mum ::: 3382
    all india :: 7739

    last year ves college 3rd cap close for merit no 3241
    alkesh dinesh modi 1st cap merit cloze for merit no :: 3681
    bharti vidhyapith 1st cap :: cloze more than 4000 merit no

    so my doubt is if i look my score n percentile its difficult to look this all 3 colleges as compare with last year
    but if i look my home university score 3382 which tells me that some hopes for ves alkesh dinesh ,n bhartii
    bro confuse ahe khuppp

    n plz suggest clg alsoo broo

  3. Hey hi….even I have got 93.02 pecentile in CET…i am from home university open category…what are my chances of getting into MET/CHETNA/IES or any other college for MMS…i have secured a seat in IES PGDM. Should I continue in IES or wait for CAP rounds? And how is IES PGDM?


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