3 reasons why I decided not to do PhD abroad - Videos


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  1. I concur Sir. I would just like to share a small information as I myself applied in US this year. The myth is getting in a good university in US is easy. It was, but till last year. This year the acceptance rate has dropped tremendously. This might be due to Trump effect, dont know. What you said regarding recommendations are very true. The thing that you said about getting in US being easy is mostly confined to students from the top IITs. But students like me who happen to be not from the top IITs face a lot of competition; many fail to get even 1 admit. So, I would just like to tell you to inspire the students to take research seriously and make a strong research background first before trying into the good univs in US.

  2. Do you really think it is so easy to get into an Ivy League? Trust me I worked my sweat off for it, do not publicize such ideas to throw off people who are on the edge. My Friends in India are not getting their stipend. Do not bear your personal decision as a mark of success, bear it to guide students to go abroad.

  3. Bahut achi bat hai…par Bhai…. abhi aap padh rhe ho ek baar….. naukari join karo….. system ke ander aao….. jab aap galat na hote hue bhi galat sabit kar diye jaoege us din btana…… bhai ye bharat desh hai yaha kuch nhi ho skta ya insan se jyada uske audhe(post) ki kadr hoti…. bhai mai to bhugat bhogi hu… jab tum injustice ke khilaf aawaj uthao aur tumhe hi dhamkia milne lag jati hai jab sara patriotism dhara rah jata hai…. yahi is desh ki wastawikta hai…. yaha to bas naukari karo aur sahan karo bolo mat…..

  4. Sir, i got jrf rank 90 and selected in iit madras for phd in physical chemistry. But now i have Douts about the certainty of job pls make a video on this. Thank you.


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