3 Strategies to Become a Wonderfully Winning IELTS Writer - Videos


Today you learn about 3 strategies that will turn you into a high-scoring IELTS writer!

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Students often ask, “How do I improve my writing?”

Or, also often, IELTS teachers hear, “How do I come up with ideas for my essays?”

Good news! If you develop the 3 habits spoken about in the video, you will get higher writing scores on your next exam, because you will have strong ideas to express.

1. Read
Read a variety of resources,, such as novels, newspapers, and comic books.
Note down the impressive vocabulary, sentence structures, and linking words that you see.

2. Write
Become a fluent writer!
Try journaling for 10 minutes a night.
You can also write short stories or opinion pieces on topics you feel passionate about.
Remember also that you must practice timing yourself while writing IELTS essays. Start doing this 2 weeks before your exam.

3. Curiosity Leads to Reflection
Have opinions! Also, have ideas to back them up.
Seek out different perspectives.
For example: Indie films in English, documentaries, newspapers from Australia or South Africa, foreign films and TV programs
This develops your culture of thinking.
After reading or watching, talk about it to yourself in the mirror. Reflect on the story, and talk about your opinions and feelings. Also try to relate the information to your own life.

Incorporate these ideas into your study plan, and prepare for amazing success on your next IELTS Exam!

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for all the valuable info posted on your website and youtube videos.
    I got my IELTS results(general) – scored 7.5 in L/S/W and 8 in R.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!


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