31 July 2018 – The Indian Express Newspaper Analysis हिंदी में – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. Sir, plz also add news of the Indian express,bcz ultimate editorial of Hindu and IE ARE repeated, we do not need to watch both.
    If you add news than we do not need to watch both.

  3. The best analysis i have ever seen and heard . All credits to Dr. Mahipal sa . Please keep doing this for years and years. The way collaboration was made between vocal hindi and english language fonts was too good to enjoy and get enlightened. Great work sir. One suggestion i say is inclusion of map practice for now.
    Coming to the question Ram Sewak Sharma was former Secretary – Dept of Electronics and Information Technlogy ( MCIT).
    His bold move of revealing his aadhar number to prove the credibility of UIDAI is a welcome move as this sets an example for general masses to not get worried about the privacy of their bank a/cs linked to it. As no one was able to identify his bank a/c number.

  4. i dont understand why do u guys make in hindi. there are crores of indian (south) who dont even understand a single world of hindi. English is understood almost everybody now a days more than hindi commonly in student sector, pls make in english.

  5. i am the fan of your lecture sir . thank you so much

    but one thing i want to say that when i saw your lecture of policies part 2 i think, history section in upsc pd there is you did the wrong pronounciation of fergusson college. bcz i am belongs from, this clg. but sir your lectures is awsome and i am happy to be your student
    again thanks sir


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