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CBSE has changed its 10th board exam pattern. As, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced in December of 2016 that the board exam will be compulsory in all its schools, from 2018, doing away with a policy formed five years ago that offered a choice to students to opt for the board-conducted finals or let the institution assess their performance.

Avanti Gurukul is launching new series of video which will cover everything you need to know about Class 10 CBSE Board Pattern. From board syllabus to in-depth chapter analysis for boards, we will do it all. Hope you saw our video on the New CBSE Science exam pattern. If you haven’t, you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g10k5g_sPtc
The second in these series is a video titled “4 Facts About CBSE 10th Board Maths Exam Pattern that will help you score above 90%.”

Today, we are going to see what to expect in the MATHS exam. Yes, that’s right, the subject scares most students!

MORE SYLLABUS – In the past years, the SA2 exam was based only on 8 chapters. From this year, the entire syllabus, i.e., questions from all 15 chapters will be asked. Make sure you study each chapter thoroughly!
School Internal Assessment is now for 20 marks – Till 2017, this was 10 marks only. This is a big change. Note that these 20 marks are distributed as:
10 marks for periodic tests

5 marks for notebook submission
5 marks for Lab practical
Remember that every mark counts. Be regular and sincere throughout the year.
No Choice – Unfortunately, unlike Science, no internal choices will be given in Maths paper which means that you need to be really well prepared for the exam.
Remember that the calculators are not allowed and the key to scoring well is to plan your time properly, avoid getting stuck on a single question and to avoid silly mistakes
It is advisable to read the problem properly and calmly to get the exact idea of what you’re being asked.
Also, last but not the least write clearly. The presentation does matter.
High-importance Chapters – Based on the unit distribution and our analysis of previous year papers, these are the most important chapters :
We predict that questions for 40 out of 80 marks will be asked from these 6 chapters.
Make sure you understand each and every concept of these chapters well.
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