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meaning of
maternal care,
maternal death,
maternal mortality,
maternal deprivation,
maternal sensitivity,
maternal bond,
maternal instinct,

hi, I am puneet biseria…. Welcome to vocabulary made EASIEST, finally The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and lo, vocabulary made easiest.
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  1. Now most of the children are suffering from maternal deprivation not because their mothers deaths just because their mothers are not available all the time now both of parents are working they have money for their children but they don't have time for themselves in my opinion if things are happening like that then the day is not far when a small child will suffer from depression and anxiety.

  2. In my experience those who are maternal orphan always feel incomplete within themselves they are finding love everywhere and in anyone that's why they stuck in many relationships once they meet to other mother they become silent i am saying it because my 2 friends are maternal orphan and both are like that.

  3. I don't know about maternal sensitivity but I seen many mothers who understand their kids words without saying anything.

    Ex:- they can understand that the child wants to go to toilet by seeing their face.

  4. As a homemaker maternal bounding such a precious thing which can a mother understand other people say she is wasting her time to talk with infant because he/ she can't understand anything now but now scientific research proof that the baby can listen her mother words and try to understand it and these things increase his understanding ability.

  5. Maternal instinct मगरमच्छी जैसे खूंखार जीव में भी ममत्व भाव भर देता है।
    हम इंसान तो फिर भी स्वार्थी भी होते हैं, यह सोचते हैं कि आज बच्चें को अच्छा लालन-पालन दिया तो कल वो अंधे कि लाठी बनेगा। परन्तु मगरमच्छी या किसी और बेजुवां जीवों में कोई आशा, उम्मीद और स्वार्थ साथ में इंसानों के जितना चेतना तक नहीं होता, फिर इंसानों के बराबर ही ममत्व होता है।

    शायद इसीलिए आपने "मगरमच्छी" के चित्र का प्रयोग किया।
    (Sorry Sir, आपसे क्या छिपाना, जब मुझे answer नहीं पता होता, तो मैं इसी तरह की बकबास का सहारा बचपन से लेता आया हूँ।हाहा)

  6. Every woman needs maternal care during pregnancy and lactating period that is why many govt. and private sector companies give long vacation to their woman employees and some companies even bear all expenses of the pregnant employee.

  7. I was in class 9. There was a classmate in our tuition class. Once I was trying to scrub the ink of my hand on my pant.
    He said- mat poch bhai, bahut mehnat lagta hai, kapde dhone me (paused for a second) O.. tumhara kapda to mummy dhoti hongi.
    (Maternal deprivation word aaj sikh rha hu, bhaawna usi din smjh gya tha)

  8. It is maternal instinct that a mother knows whether her baby is hungry or not.
    It is maternal instinct that a mother knows whether her baby needs more sleeping or not.
    It is maternal instinct that a mother knows whether the girl whom she wants her son to marry is chudail or not.
    It was maternal instinct that Gandhari knew that his last alived son needed some undefeatable power.

  9. मैंने L I O N movie नहीं देखी है, क्या ये असहिष्णु-निर्दयी समाज मुझे स्वीकार करेगा?


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