5 English Expressions YOU NEED TO KNOW! – Advanced English Vocabulary - Videos


Learn essential English expressions in today’s advanced vocabulary lesson!

1) Get round to
2) How come
3) Head *
4) Get to
5) Manage to

Use today’s expressions with your own examples in the comments!

Use the subtitles if you need them!
Don’t forget to leave a comment! I will try to reply to all of you amazing nerds!


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  1. That's really interesting thank you , I noticed that the best one that is good at explaining is you to be honest so I ask you please to make an episode about the uses of (as)it always makes me confused , I appreciate your help

  2. Oh you are really cool, Aly ! Amazing and great expressions ! 😀 And I have managed to get 80 score on the English exam, which is made to apply to the master degree in Turkey and called YOKDIL 😀 And how come is that I am listening to your cool videos 😊

  3. I am kind of confused about "I got to go". I thought this phrase is of future plans? But in this case "Lat year I got to go to Spain with my class" you talking about the past isn't it?

  4. Hi hi hi , this is my first comment in your videos, I finally get to write you and I wanna say you how come you teach your lessons so funny and also you manage to explain the expressions easily to me… owww I really enjoy your youtube channel and I am gonna head in your next lesson !!!
    I got round to starting again to practice my english so i hope with your super tips I will be able to do it !

  5. I thought I would never get round to asking you this weird question, but finally I get to do it : how come that squirrel heading in your yard managed to disturb your reading of HP ?

    Are "heading down the tree" or "heading off the hedge" correct ?

    I don't know if my sentence is fine, but I do know that I love your videos. Thanks a lot Aly !

  6. Hi mate…I have a question about the last expression…hope you can manage to answer it……and that is precisly my question about….can I use "manage to" in a question with the modal "can" or other different modal?…it is always denotes something difficul to performe?… thanks in advance!


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