5. Linear differential equations with variable coefficients | Mathematical methods of Physics - Videos


In this lecture on Mathematical methods of Physics and Engineering for GATE, first order linear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients are discussed by Snehal Dalvi. We see method of integrating factors to solve first order linear differential equations with variable coefficients and Some problems on first order linear differential equations.

Subject : Ordinary Differential equations
Books : 1) Mathematical methods for Physics and Engineering
-Riley Hobson Bence
2) Mathematical methods in Physical sciences- Mary Boas
3) Advanced Engineering Mathematics- Kreyszig
4) Higher Engineering Mathematics- B. S. Grewal

This lecture is intended towards Physics and Engineering students of undergraduate programs like B.Sc., M.Sc.,
B.E., B.Tech etc.
Students preparing for competitive exams like GATE, CSIR – NET Physics, SET Physics, JEST, TIFR, GRE, IES will also find the lecture useful.


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