5 Tips for Handling Question on Dipping Academic Graph - Videos


The video answers question of dipping academic graph for the candidate in 5 different ways. If your grades have improved over time, it could be a good indication of the fact that you learn things fast. You could say that “being a slow starter is one of my weaknesses, but I keep improving over time. I hope that I would be a topper in the management institute I join.”If you had better grades in school and lower grades in college, you could say “Sir, I have always been a good student at school, and that is reflected by my good grades at school. In college, I did keep up with the studies, but other than studies I also took active part in extracurricular activities”. Be ready to be asked the most difficult questions possible in your subject – but if you answer well, it will create a good impression. If you have several extracurricular activities, talk at length about your extra-curricular activities and lastly, if there were some unfortunate events that diverted your attention from studies (e.g. loss of a near and dear one, an illness etc.), you could state those reasons.
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