Learn common English phrases that are used by native speakers every day in less than 10 minutes!! Related videos:
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Phrases in this video (print them our and practice!):
1. How is it going?
2. Long time no see!
3. What have you been up to?
4. Can’t complain
5. How do you know?
6. That’s a good one = That’s a good joke!
7. It’s very kind of you!
8. Thank you anyway
9. Thank you in advance!
10. No worries
11. What’s going on?
12. Did I get you right?
13. Don’t take it to heart
14. I didn’t catch the last word
15. Sorry, I wasn’t listening
16. It doesn’t matter
17. Fingers crossed!
18. Oh, that. That explains it.
19. Things happen
20. Sorry to bother you 
21. I’ll be with you in a minute
22. Where were we?
23. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch you
24. Lucky you!
25. I freaked out = to become very angry, scared or excited
26. Good for you!
27. You’ve got to be kidding me!
28. Cheer up!
29. Come on, you can do it!
30. Keep up the good work!
31. It’s not the end of the world
32. That’s lit! = That’s amazing!
33. There you go!
34. 44. Not a bit!
35. There is no room for doubt
36. I’ll text you!
37. It’s not worth it!
38. You rock!
39. You should go the extra mile…
40. Step up your game = Start performing better
41. Pull yourself together = Calm down and behave normally
42. You sold me! = You convinced me on something
43. Couldn’t care less = used to express total lack of interest in something
44. This is a no-brainer = Easy decision
45. You screwed up
46. You are driving me nuts!
47. Can you cover me? = Can you work in my place?
48. I’d better be going
49. Thank heavens it’s Friday
50. Take care!

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  1. Can I just correct your first phrase. You write "How is it going"but you use the contracted form of "it is" ( it's ) when you say "How is it going"
    Which is actually much more common, at least where I am from, London.
    So then, how's it going?
    Have you done a video with phrase more commonly used in Britian ( British English…) ?
    I ask, as towards the end of you video you say: "another phrase a native English person says…"
    I am native English, well versed in the English language and have travelled extensively and am always willing to learn!
    You certainly have invaded the English language with Americanisms!
    Have a good day now y'all ! ( Now that's American! )


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