7 Tips for Retaking the GMAT - Videos


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In “7 Tips for Retaking the GMAT”, Erika John from PrepScholar GMAT walks you through her top tips for your GMAT retake.

Retaking the GMAT is common, but it is most often not successful — the average score improvement on a second try is only about 30 points. In some cases, that’s enough to get into your dream school, but in many others, it’s a waste of a $250 test and weeks or months of study. To achieve the score you want, it’s important to approach your GMAT retake differently than your previous attempt(s), as well as to use your previous test experiences to your advantage.

In these 7 tips, we cover
– whether or not you should be retaking the GMAT (it isn’t for everyone)
– when you should schedule your GMAT retake based on how much time you’ll need to get the score improvement you want (you can calculate this yourself using your previous GMAT score)
– how you should structure your study leading up to retaking the GMAT
– how you should approach the day of your GMAT retake itself

We also dig into the value of investing in some paid study tools (such as the GMAT Enhanced Score Report and personalized programs/tutoring) for building out and sticking to a study plan that will work for you.




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