700+ GMAT Time Management Strategy - Videos


Effective time management is one of the most cruicial components of scoring well on the GMAT. In this video, Dominate the GMAT founder Brett Ethridge shares an advanced GMAT time management technique as he explores the interplay between TIME and ACCURACY and explains how to balance the two as you shoot to crack 700+ on the GMAT.
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  1. This is a concept that everyone needs to understand. Obviously everyone knows the time limit, but counting your loss on a couple of questions and saving time might help later on. This video presents this fact very well

  2. I'm not sure if I'm more concerned.  Hearing you say it is okay to guess, but within reason creates more possible anxiety.  The first thing that came to mind was now how did I determine which question is hard enough to guess.  Lots to review and think about.  Great video though…..

  3. hey i am like freaking out with the thought of i cant crack the gmat and cant get an admit in a good college and i just want to give up and give it just for the hek of it and get into a loser college and be done with it!!! heeeelp!!!

  4. Hi Brett.
    That's a great piece of advice, no doubt, but I have some questions. As u admitted, starting few Qs of both the sections are extra important and we sh focus on accuracy bit more than on time (of course not spending 3.00 on every Q). Now, every correct answer increases difficulty and say from Q no. 11 onwards I can expect very tough Qs and my mind wud say on every tough Q that, "hey, we can actually bail out on this". Certainly, lot many Qs are still remaining and I can't lose on accuracy. How to decide when it's SAFE to apply your strategy of cutting short on time and when it's NOT?
    I am sorry, my Q is long, but I think there sh be a more detailed strategy, coz I am not so disciplined to spend time judiciously. Pls advise.

  5. Hello Brett,

    I signed up for the Barron' GMAT online course where I've studied and continue to study your videos (loved the example on saving grandma' life (in the lesson on commas) – pretty funny).

    Anyway, I find that the explanations for some of the answers in the practice quizzes are insufficient. Is there an online forum where I can discuss these issues? Can I write to you for specific queries? Can we work something out ?


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