8 November 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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    Learn English for SSC CGL, Bank PO https://goo.gl/MoL2it
    Science and Technology for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/Jm4h8j
    Philosophy for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/FH9p3n
    Yojana Magazine analysis –https://goo.gl/8oK1gy
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  2. Demonetisation: pros & cons
    Pros: Since the decision to ban high value currency notes was taken in early November, the government has tried to portray the brighter side of the note ban and its benefits on the economy in the long run.The decision to ban high value notes was taken to weed out black money and counterfeit notes from the system which has been deep-rooted in the economy for the past many decades.
    With 86 percent of the total money circulation wiped out from the system, the government plans to keep a tight leash on the corruption front.According to Ambit Capital report, the share of the informal economy in India could shrink from 40 percent to 20 percent and the formal organised sector will gain market share.

    Cons: Although several advantages of demonetisation rolling into the economy could be far-fetched, there are immediate challenges the economy is already staring at.Following the decision to ban the currency notes, the government's lack of preparedness to deal with cash availability has hit the common man really hard.Despite the government's assurance to improve cash availability on a daily basis, several banks and ATMs across the country continue to dispense little or no cash.
    The bigger threat arising out of demonetisation is the impact on the country's economic growth.While brokerage Ambit Capital created shock waves by predicting that GDP growth will fall to 5.8 percent in 2017-18 from 7.3 percent estimated earlier, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, also an economist, echoed concerns by suggesting that demonetisation could contract the GDP by as muchas 2 percent.

  3. Sir sabhi chij sabko chahiye hai newspaper me to aap kyona sam ko leke aaye to sabhi ki aasha bhi puri ho sakegi lekin time se samjota karna hoga ak problem hai time related par isake samne kitne fayade hoge aap bhi so sakenge or hame jyada achchha padhane ko bhi milaga

  4. Hello Veer sir,
    Sir aap jo summary points extract kar k news artical ko explain karte hai, wo summary points aap pura nahi padhte ,maine kai baar notice kiya hai , kai points aapse chhut jaate hai,
    To mera suggestion yah h ki aap aapne jo articals k summary points banaye hai , aap pahle wo point english me read kare fir ushe hindi me explain karein.

  5. Demonisation refers to the ending of legal Tender of money from circulation.
    Earlier demonetisation was happened in our country twice i.e 1946 and 1978.this is the third time which stop the circulation of high denomination currency i .e Rs500 and Rs1000.

    Pros of demonetisation:
    1)increase tax collection
    2)low interest regime
    3)most of the shell companies has closed which helps in tax evasion.
    4)curb black money
    5)low terrorist activists due to lack of cash.
    6)moved to cashless economy.
    7)curbing counterfeit money.
    Cons of demonetisation:
    1)badly affect the unorganised sector who is depend on cash.
    2)slow down of GDP
    Demonetisation has sort term problem but it's impact would be better for long term.it has many positive impact so this step will be fruitfull for our country.

  6. 1) Afghanistan became 164th and latest member of WTO in 29th July 2016

    2) Top 5 GHG emitters are below:

    3)Botanical Survey of India was setup by Government of India in 1890 with the objectives of exploring the plant resources of the country and identifying plant species with economic virtue. It comes under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change with HQ in Kolkata

    4) Waterman of India is Dr. Rajendra Singh and Metro Man of India is Mr. E. Sridharan

  7. Ant man is muskthak ali… Nd new species found is periyar tiger reserve park was t.alii
    Water man is rajendra
    Metro man is elattuvapali seedharan
    Botanical survry of india hq at kolkata nd its director is paramjit singh and new species of banana with prminent seed found is musa paramjitiana.
    Myrmecologist word used for ants study
    Demonetised took place 1st time on 1946 then 2nd in 1978 by mororji desia under janata dal.. But both were unsuccessful nd now recently in 8 nov, 2016 which will bring show its result after a long time….
    Good side : it stopped some of the terrorist group in committing crime.
    Controlled over black marketing.
    Rank increased from 130 to 100 in ease of doing business.
    Everytransaction become cashless easy to pay and time saving.
    Counterfiet notes were stopped.
    Dark sides: loss of life of some peoples.
    Illiterate people of india and rural population affected.. As they were unaware of bank facilities.
    Farmers affected and their horticulture products nd in last they dump their products.
    Waste of time.

    There are some more good sides than and bad side.. But it will benefiet our country in a long term
    Businness of two wheelers greatly affected

  8. I beg to differ sir, about your views of not having opinions from good resources like Mr. R. Rajan.
    As far as I remember, Demonetisation was an unexpectedly sudden step.
    Not even R. Rajan sir knew about it earlier.
    Aabhaas hua ho ya nah… socha kisi ne ni tha aisa.
    Jo veiws aur criticism cum opinions aaye wo baad me aaye.

    Tab govt. Chah k bhi wapas ni le paati wo step. Jo country wide spread kara tha.
    Aur waise b..
    We all must agree k it was a tough decision toh kuch baatein toh Macroscopic analysis se alag hongi hi.
    Grassroot level pe.
    Demonetisation might b a Gamble of PM Modi but he showed that card after building up a constrained level.

    Remember Financial inclusion.
    Country wide Jan Dhan A/cs
    JAM Trinity.
    Then Demonetisation.

    I believe it was a strategical move which had to be sudden for the expected impact as per planning.
    Controlling nhi ho payi shayad theek se.

    And the results were not effective.

    Baaki Thank You.
    Gururji 🙂

  9. Pros of Demonetization
    -Counterfeit of higher currency notes was prevented
    -Tax evasion was prevented and formalization of industries was boosted
    -Temporary peace was observed in militant hit areas because of shortage of cash
    -Increased rate of Digitization of economy was observed which still continues

    Cons of Demonetization
    -Corruption in large scale was observed in banking sector
    -Daily wage workers were hit as non-availability of bank accounts and low level of literacy among them was reason to avoid digitization like mobile wallet payments
    -Economy growth rate was slow in demonetized period which continued even further because of low demand and non-availability of cash
    -Black marketing was also observed in initial days of demonetization

  10. In India first time Demonetization was exercised in British era in 1946 and followed up in 1978 and 2016, but none of the
    previous two attempts had such impacts in economy and its economic activities like the latter one. It was an attempt to curb the following activities
    1. counterfeiting currency
    2. funding of terrorism.
    3. corruption
    4. black money.

    advantage of demonetization
    1. demonetization has helped promoting digitization process in India.
    2. Tax collection of govt has increased in direct and corporate taxes.
    15.6% of growth has been observed in direct tax collection and 8.1% in corporate taxes collection.
    3. demonetization has capitalized the RBI fund , now RBI and govt has fund to start various halt infrastructure project.
    4. Recapitalization of banks and Bharat mala project are commence of it.
    5. govt can decrease their fiscal deficit and curb the inflation in the market
    6. transparency in money transaction activities.

    disadvantage of demonetization
    1. derailed the growth of economy
    2. slowed down the production and manufacturing activities
    3. private investment has declined drastically in the market.
    4. people had to wait in queue for long time to withdraw the money from ATM.
    5. so many incidents of people dying in hospital and roads came up in news
    because of limitation of withdrawal of money.
    6. many farmers committed suicide as they failed to cop of with pros of demonetization.

    way forward
    1. govt need to take measures to bring the economy growth back on tracks.
    2. provides funds to private companies , to boost manufacturing activities.
    3. provide funds and loans to farmers and informal sectors since they were the
    real victims of demonetization process.

  11. Veer Sir i am following your lectures from past 2 months, and now I am able to understand The Hindu articles by reading once and if I do not understand anything I watch your lecture on Sunday. Do you think I should not watch lectures or try to understand difficult editorials by reading 3-4 times?
    Big thanks

  12. Demonetization is that which slow down the working of country's economy and it disbalance the whole economic system it creates deficit in economy


    Demonetization has created a fair and transparent system
    It has ruined black money corrupacy
    It has created digital plat form for everyone which has made transpirancy
    It has stopped terrists activity that originated especially from Pakistan to promote terror activity by Indian people
    It has made good position of our country I.e digital India concept

    As we see demonetisation has played vital role in many ways to stopping bad things in our society but it has more disadvantage than its advantage

    I think it is only temperory solution of terror activities they can exchange the currency again and they can start their activities again as government has said before the launch of new note we I'll use GPS system in the notes (which I'll detect its location I.e actul location of notes ) but they has not used it in the new notes
    It has created disbalancement in informal sectors job many people has became jobless due to demonetisation

    It has created problems for RBI

    It has increased the cost of painting new currency from 2.87 to 3.54and 3.09 to 3.77

    It has created problem for only middile and poor class of people especially rural and illiterate people they do not know how to use digital banking system because they are illitrate

    Due to demonetization farmers have committed suicide because they had have no money to buy their necessarily product I.e important for farming at that time and as we know that we can wait for money exchange but time and nature will not as a result weather has gone of showing of crops and delayed and they were unable to produce crops finally due to burden and deficit many had committed suicide

    It has totally stopped the working of banking system


    I will recommend as a solution that government should take any decision after watching the condition of poor's especially because his one decision can take life of many peopleRich can adjust but poor will always suffer in this circumstances
    Government should not change his mind as commitment he should had used GPS in the notes
    They should take any decision beforr thinking a lot due to this they can save time and life and main his image in the mind of public.


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