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Before leaving India there are some necessary steps to be followed by Indian students who are going to study Mbbs Abroad.Things to do before leaving India! What an MBBS student should know before leaving And how he/she should prepare

So you Applied for MBBS and got a visa university done with your application and these are the Following things you should remember while preparing for your travel.

1-Accommodation Preparation

You must let the University representative know your date of arrival in your host country.
Make sure you have spoken to University representative regarding what kind of accommodation you need ( twin sharing or single sharing )
Make sure you also book temporary accommodation in case your accommodation is not found. You don’t want to get stranded on foreign soil, with a lot of luggage and money.

2-Flight booking

Check the prices of flights by yourself on google flights and book it, if you see a good deal but only when you have the Visa in your hand.
Contact the pickup team through email as well as call and make sure to tell them your arrival time and Flight.
Make sure to book a flight that reaches your host country in morning or afternoon. Don’t reach late night as most things get closed.
Get your International Roaming and ISD activated on mobile number or get an International SIM as you need to contact local people after getting off.
While booking flight ask for extra luggage as flight lets you carry only 23 Kg in one bag but you are going for a long time so you will be required 2 bags.

Book duly Flights (Reaching in daytime )
Don’t Book Tickets before Visa

3- Foreign Exchange

Buy the Enough cash Currency before leaving for your host country. You can keep up to equivalent to $5000 in cash.
Also, keep the money in other forms like forex card, traveller’s cheque etc. It decreases the risk of carrying so much money.


In flight, you should have 2 kinds of luggage
Check in luggage:- That you give at the time of check-in and can collect later (23 Kg)
You should keep following items in your Check-in Bag

Woolens, gloves, Hats, Jackets
Bedsheet, Pillow Cases
Utensils, Pressure cooker
Raincoat / umbrella
Good quality suitcases, Identity tags, Ribbons (to Identity)


This is what you are allowed to take with you in flights (10kg)

Document file with original academic documents & photocopy.(Needed at the time of immigration)
Travel Wallets: This is a wallet in which you can keep your foreign currency, passport, traveller’s cheque, Forex Card, Credit Card Etc.
Travel Kit bag, toothbrush, paste etc..
Warm Cloth / Jackets – In Flights temperature gets cool and sometimes they run out of blankets.
Charger/Adapter/Power Bank/Mobile with ISD on
Universities Representative contact no and map copy as you need to contact them after landing
Laptop/ Charger
Food & Snacks in small quantity
NOTE: Don’t keep any liquids & sharp Objects in Cabin luggage


Reconfirm flight timings and check-in online
Report 3-4 hours earlier as international flight need to go through.
check-in & luggage drop.
Get boarding pass from your airline counter.(Request good seats)
Take baggage claim receipts as there are required in case you don’t get your baggage (Sometimes that happens)
Proceed to immigration and security
Listen to announcements for any changes or important things
sleep in flights if you can.

6 Arrival

Adjust your watch for local time, as you need precise time to coordinate with university representatives who are there to pick you.
Follow towards Immigration ( Keep documents handy )
Keep luggage handy and coordinate with your pick up person.
If your pickup guy is not there then take by yourself
Call home and convey that you have reached safely.


Open bank Account also as you need it for initial shopping.
Get a local sim
Eat your meals properly top care for your health.
Study hard


Avoid excessive drinking & smoking

Don’t pick up fight or stare at people
Carry your student card
Be nice to people, friendly, don’t get into depression
Study 1-2 hours for FMGE daily.



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