9 August 2018 – The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis – [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs - Videos


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  2. what about the health status of women Sir who suffers the whole adultery process. it is not at all natural. Even nothing is natural everything is man-made. It is just a way to drag someone from their career track. Adultery is a crime and no country's Constitution can deny from this.

  3. and you can't even imagine the extent of damages that a girl or women face on her body because of such things. Don't know what can be the fate of such a country where half of its population are living under threat because of such crimes happening in every second or even a minute. Stringent laws and will of administration can stop such things but the condition is will. will for work.

  4. Absolutely sir u r right
    Mother can play important role in building their children character and some of mother's do it but it is also depends on individual character who or anyone can learn from good society of good aspects.
    Thank you sir g

  5. You are fabaulues sir i just watch this first time i really liked ki kitne saral tarike se ap sare news ko samzate ho and at last me jo information rehti hai about other countries its great thank you very much sir

  6. That is y u cant see any rape incidences there in Saudi Arabia & everybdy knows what is happening here in our country..this is the real injustice to the women..so sir plz dont b biased


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