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    Reasoning tricks for Bank PO + SSC CGL- https://goo.gl/a68WRN
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    Static GK complete- https://goo.gl/kB0uAo
    Complete GK + Current Affairs for all exams- https://goo.gl/MKEoLy
    World History – UPSC / IAS – https://goo.gl/kwU9jC
    Learn English for SSC CGL, Bank PO https://goo.gl/MoL2it
    Science and Technology for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/Jm4h8j
    Philosophy for UPSC/IAS – https://goo.gl/FH9p3n
    Yojana Magazine analysis –https://goo.gl/8oK1gy
    History for SSC CGL + Railways NTPC – https://goo.gl/7939eV

  2. The condition of delhi is so pathetics as we already have seen in newspaper and in news the wide spread of air pollution is very offensive . But the million dollar question arises is that what is the root cause of it ?………….is it the smoke which divert from the farm of haryana , punjab and other state OR DELHI condition is itself resposible for . here the condition means the transport system for 2 days all the a overview of delhi has been change see the condition of our CAPITAL all the student upto sunday are not allowed to go to school due to the air pollution the buisnessprerson who have to go for their respective job have to applied mask . THE HOSPITAL OF DELHI IS FULL OF PATIENT and why they shouldnot be moreover these hospital are only the source to be healed . GOES A FAMOUS SAYING A WORKMAN FIGHT WITH HIS OWN TOLL HERE IS THE CONDITION . YES IDONT WANT TO BECOME OFFENSIVE ON A PARTICULAR MATTER BUT HERE THE SITUATION COMPLE ME TO THINK ABOUT THE TOPIC . IF IAM NOT w rong so few days befoe the LG AND CM DID'NT have the good tuning although along with people its the duty of LG AND CM TO look upon the matter but giving stress to all other is not that much worthwhile ,. Actually what is our problem? it is not implementing our own policy which we made and looking for alternative option this people who are suffering from infection are the people from different spare of life . but no true impletation have done. o just forget about the implementation just take the intervation first . blamming poor famer will not work. and every thing will go all right

  3. Sir just one request..aap imp topic par ye mat kahiye k ye already discuss ho chuka hai..thoda overview diya kijiye..kyunki jisne Abhi start kiya hai unhe prob ho sakti hai..ya fir konse video me discuss kiya gaya hai vo bata diya kijiye..please and thank you

  4. समाज शास्त्र के लेक्चर कब आयेंगे………. बहुत समय हो गया……… प्लीज थोडा ध्यान देवे

  5. Air pollution means the presence of toxic gases in the atmosphere. These are green house gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methene etc.
    In recent days we have seen smog in the Delhi. This is mainly happened in winter season. This is not a problem of today. We had done something wrong which we get now. Smog is the mixture of smoke & fog.
    Delhi air pollution is not only because of the firing in farm land. The is because of vehicle, automobile, refrigerator, air conditioner, industries, small particles of stone etc. In past we had seen this in Beijing, China . The government of China take some drastic step so that, it will reduce.
    To reduce the effect of smog we have to take some step so that the condition must be change.
    First a proper analysis we need. What are the factors responsible for the smog. Tree plantation is a important element in this. Citizen must aware about the pollution & the impact so that we do something for us & for the county. Industrial pollution must reduced . Govt. must take step so that industries are taking step for this like use of chimney, plantation of tree etc. Citizen use public transport to reduce traffic & pollution. Govt. must provide proper facility of transportation. Firing of the land is also a huge pro for Delhi smog. Govt. must provide incentives so that farmers not doing that.

    All the work not only done by govt. it is the responsibility of the citizen to keep the safe.

  6. Question: 6
    Why is it said that the recent Delhi Smog is call to address India’s farm crisis? Examine (200 Words)
    Indian farm crisis:
    1. Reason:
    Stubble burning at Punjab & Haryana
    2. Agriculture:
    Punjab & Haryana hold good percentage of rice(10%) & wheat (20%)production, stubble for those crops is obvious. Stubble burning for farmer is easy method to remove stubble and prepare the land for next sown period.
    3. Science & Technology:
    No technique and technology to remove farm residue like stubble
    4. Social Issue:
    High cost for this removal and time consuming – it is difficult for debt ridden farmer
    5. Historically/Traditionally:
    Burnt of farm residue (Ashes) and use it as fertilizer for field is the alternative option for farmer – Help to poor farmer
    6. Scheme/incentive:
    No government initiative and scheme to assist on this issue
    7. Other initiative like loan waive is not the perfect solution for this farm crisis
    8. Geographical factor also responsible for Delhi smog-North Western wind which take the wind & Particulate from Punjab & Haryana to Delhi easily. During the cold season it revamps its strength and create crisis in the Capital city, New Delhi. Bolan pass and Khybar pass
    9. Smog=Particulate(PM2.5/PM10,Ashes,SOx,NOx) +smoke
    Above points are the reasons for farm crisis and some percentage it contributes for the Delhi Smog crisis. We can’t consider that Delhi pollution is due to farm crisis, there are may be other alternative reasons to it
    a) High population- High transportation, constructions
    b) Infrastructure development
    c) High industrial activity
    d) Power plant
    Government initiative:
    a) Odd- Even policy –remedy measure
    b) Goat should be domesticated to feed stubble
    c) Preventive measure- Good technology, Government initiative
    d) Plantation – fresh air

  7. Punjab touches 4 states
    himachal Pradesh
    Rajasthan international pak
    22 districts

    A 14
    in article 14 state shall not deny anyone equality before law and equal protection of law. equality before law_u.k
    equal protection of law_usa
    according to this no person is above the law and jurisdiction of court

    A19 protection of six rights
    right to speech and expression
    right to assemble peacefuly
    right to form association
    right to move
    right to reside
    right to adopt any occupation

    A21 protection of life and personal liberty
    A 20 & 21 cannot suspended in any situation



  9. Why is it called that recent Delhi smog is a call to address farmers crisis?
    Recent, Delhi smog made such a situation that cautions the government to call the farmer’s crisis because the reason behind the smog was the “agriculture stubble burning” in nearby territories- Haryana, Punjab and Northern Uttar Pradesh. The level of pollution was such that, it reminds us the GREAT SMOG OF LONDON. Even the PCPA has determined the severity level near to 400. Also, it can be estimated by the number of respiratory and cardiovascular cases reported within a week i.e. about 20% and by the number of road accidents cases. Well, it just a trailor for the upcoming crisis due to increasing pollution. Especially for Delhi, as it is among the worst populated cities in world.
    Unfortunately, still there is no steps are taken by the government to redress the issue, despite stubble burning is a case of every year. Farmers do it as they have to prepare the field for the next crop and the burnt material works as biomass. Also, it is a cheap alternative for them. The matter of pollution seems absurd to them as they have neither experienced the grimness of pollution, being lived at a green place nor felt it wrong, being laden with already a number of issues- MSP, weather condition, high input cost, seasonality and lack of availability of necessary things. Knowing the fact, India is primarily an agrarian economy and contributes to almost 20% of GDP. Also about 50% of workforce is involved in this work i.e. if farmers grievances are not addressed it may cause harm to not only environment but also economy as India leads in export of agriculture produce.
    Hence, it can be concluded that if farmers issues are not addressed soon then it may have detrimental impacts on both environment and economy. Farmer’s loan waiver is not at all a solution for it. The real solution is in reviving agriculture sector by technological innovation, cultivation awareness, by providing subsidized seeds, irrigation facilities and education related to soil health. In the case of, stubble burning the government should provide machinery to cut down it either at low cost or subsidized cost. Otherwise, the green revolution, schemes for reviving rural economy, Paris climate agreement would all go in vain after a period because the first thing needed is the healthy population which is in great risk in such a smoggy situation. Hence, the government should wake up at this alarm only.

  10. Dear sir aako to pata hai …food grain ki cultivation desh main badh raha hai lekin day by day amount of people in hunger badh raha hai …to pehle Jo loog bhokha hain unko food provide kiya jae ..according to UN uske baad healthy diet ke baare main sooch NA hai …Jo afford kar saktehain diet Bo kare isme koi prob nehi baki ..food nast hona nehi chahiye ..
    ❣️west bengal
    ❣️Andhra pradesh

  11. Answer
    – I live in delhi
    * shared boundary with uttar pradesh and haryana
    * capital formation 1911, formation of union territory 1956, formation of NCT 1 feb 1992
    * district-11 and legislature seat 70

    -gujarat (The land of The Jewel and Jewal of Gujarat
    *formation 1 may 1960 capital gandhi nagar
    *district 33 , legislature seat 182

    HDI(Humar delvelopment Index)
    * 1 edutcation
    *2 life expectancy
    *3 per capita income
    India rank 131 out of 188

    -Article 14 ~ Equality before law
    -Article 19 ~ Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech.
    -Article 21 ~ Right to life & personal liberty; Right to Privacy
    and thnxx veer sir jai hind

  12. mr study IQ for your kind information farm ka ghas foos doesnot work as a fertilizer. it reduce the fertility of the land. our farmers did not get enough rate of theri crops so that they can dispose off the waste in a proper way

  13. farmer jo jlate voh to is srdiyo k time me sirf hota he bt pollution full year hot he….. so jyada focus or factors par krna chahiye

    public transport system me rent kam krke parking ka charg high krna
    industry me zeri smog niklte he usme filter pipe hona chahiye so air pollution nhi hoga.
    China me road dust ka problem k solve k liye..dust separation ka use jo upr se pani ka dropping .
    parking ki space kam kr dena…..
    private company ya gov employers k liye company ki bus ki facility provide krna jyada ….koi b employers private vehicle lekr nhi ana…..

  14. In India generally fog and smog , we see in the month of December but these time smog engulf the delhi and north india in the month of November . These is not natural fog and smog, it is formed because of human negligence and failure not to control the pollution.
    causes of smog in Delhi and north india
    1. stubble burning
    – in north India farmers ,they burn the fields after harvesting their kharif crops for preparing the field to grow rabi crops
    to clean the residue left over the field and these burnt residue later act as fertilizer for their farms.
    – at the time of such activities , phenomenon of retreating of monsoon's winds take place and these winds carry all the
    pollution form north India to Delhi and NCR region.
    2. increase in construction and industrial activities.
    3. increase in vehicles and pollution.

    consequences of smog
    1. various health problems for ex cardiovascular, respiratory diseases,
    2. feeling of suffocation during breathing.
    3. delay in the schedule of trains and flights
    4. probability of roads accidents increases.
    5. delay in economic activities in the market.

    way forward
    1. govt should provide incentives to farmers , to curb stubble burning
    2. govt should provide them with free happy seeder machine in low price
    so that it is affordable to all farmers. these machine simultaneously
    seed the crops as well as cut the residue left over of previous crops
    3. farmers can sell their residue to biomass power generating companies.
    4. residues can be use to feed domestic animals such as cow and goats
    5 . promoting goat farming in india.
    goat have the digestive capability to digest these residue .
    6. these will help farmer to increase their income also pave the way for new economic revolution.

  15. MY STATE JHARKHAND – 5 states touches its boundry.
    Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,Odisha,West Bengal.
    CM of Jharkhand- Raghubar Das.(6th cm)
    Governer of Jharkhand- Draupadi Murmu.(1st women governer of jharkhand and the first woman leader from Odisha to be appointed the governor of an Indian state.)

  16. Hello sir please aap aek aesa WhatsApp group bana sakte haii please jisme aap papers aur books ke pdf send kar sake bkoz me fb use ni karti nd agar aap group batayenge WhatsApp pe to sabko easily pdf mil jayegi I hope aap iske bare me sochenge

  17. Aesa nahi hai ki dilhi me pollution ke liye dilhi k kisan ya dilhi k log hi jimmedar he dilhi me pollution k bharan ka or dilhi k aas pass k vistar ka vo har ak vyakti jimmedar hai jo kehata hai ki dilhi me pollution dilhi ke logo ki hi vajah se he kya hamara farz nahi banata ki hum desh k nagrik hone ke nate hum bhi pollution kam kare dilhi me crackers pan ban lagane se thodi na dilhi me pollution kam ho jayega pure desh ne cracker s jalaye hai or dilhi par ban lagake kya usake aaspass ke states ka kya ? Vaha se crackers ks pollution nahi aa sakata desh me kisi state or kisi law ko lane ki ya koi achchha vala dimag chalake pollution par koi nayi soch lane se pahle , kahte he na'' old is gold'' vese hi desh me pahle se jo formula laye gaye hai vahi achchhe se lagu karavane se desh me koi badlav ki jarurat nahi padegi jese hum hamare itihas me jese log akbar or shershah suri ke jamane me log am bhul karne se katrate the kyoki us samay ke kanun kahne k nahi par implement bhi achchhe se hote the.


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