99.45 percentile in CAT 2016, Arkabrata Chakraborty reveals his success story! [Exclusive Interview] : News - News


At the age of 25, with a regular job and no coaching, Arkabrata Chakraborty scored 99.45 percentile in CAT in his third attempt.


Hailing from Durgapur, West Bengal, Arkabrata says, “I am a bit disappointed with my score card. I have scored 87.8 in LR & DI section which is lesser as per my expectations. After coming back from office and giving mock test for about two months has helped me to achieve my targets. Through this analysis, I identified the areas of improvement and worked towards a greater percentile.”

Score card:


Being an engineer and switching his career to management field might be a cliche, but Arkabrata is planning to go abroad for his further studies. He has decided to pursue an energy consultant course from US as he feels it has a…

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