A Journey to English Genius: Day 6 - Videos


Do you want to talk about politics or President Trump with your friends?
Do you want to score high in GRE, TOEFL, or SAT English test?
Do you want to learn, study, improve your English or English vocabulary?
Why don’t you study high level, useful English words with us?

We will provide you an English article and daily vocabularies.
A key to becoming a smart, intelligent, and fluent English speaker is to listen, speak, learn new vocabularies, and practice!!

Details of this video:

By listening English in enhanced speed, you will get used to the real speed of English conversations and learn where to put accents.

By reviewing vocabularies, you will learn new words, and we will provide you two opportunities to review the new words in the articles; once in a listening and reading section and once in a reading section.

You will also practice writing by creating your own story. Use the words you learned today, and create your own story. Please leave your work in the comment section, so we can share and talk about your work with our subscribers and viewers!!

We will provide you an example at the end, but you do not have to use all the words you learn in your work. You may just create a sentence with one or two new words, and please again leave your work in the comment section!!

Review the words by viewing the pictures associated with the words at the end of the video.

Today’s article:
Trump plays tough hand in Paris
By Stephen Collinson and Jeremy Diamond from CNN

Thank you very much for watching our videos!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to talk to us!!
Your opinions matter so much to improve our videos!!

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