Admission and Financial Aid at Colgate University - Videos


Colgate University Admission and Financial Aid staff discuss questions from prospective students, as well as the admission and aid processes at Colgate.

Gary Ross ’77, Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Lynn Holcomb ’92, Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Jamiere Abney, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
Gina Soliz, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid
Apply to Colgate:

Application deadlines: November 15 (Early Decision I), January 15 (Early Decision II, Regular Decision)

Admission staff list, including regional admission officers:

Contact a current student:

2:35 – What is Colgate looking for in an applicant?
6:15 – How do you make decisions on applications from schools that you aren’t familiar with?
8:00 – Does Colgate offer merit-based financial aid?
9:40 – How important is standardized testing in the application process? Is it a “deal breaker” for a student to have low testing even if they have a high GPA?
11:39 – Is there any “wiggle room” with financial aid?
14:36 – What is the benefit of Early Decision? Is it easier to get in?
17:45 – Can I submit SAT subject tests instead of ACT or SAT testing? Will Colgate go test optional in the near future?
20:48 – How do I apply for financial aid if my parents are divorced?
22:55 – How does Colgate view applications from students of color and first generation students?
26:12 – How does financial aid work for international students?
28:43 – How does Colgate consider IB students in the admission process? How does a student’s curriculum impact the admission process?
31:25 – What would the process be if an ED student’s financial aid was not “doable” for their family?
34:48 – Does Colgate look at demonstrated interest? Are interviews required?
37:37 – Do you provide financial aid for undocumented students?
39:29 – What is the advising system like at Colgate?
45:43 – What is there to do on campus?
49:39 – How cold does it get?
51:48 – Colgate has Division I athletics – what if I want to play a sport, but not at the Division I level?
54:21 – What resources are available on campus related to mental health?
59:01 – How do students get internships when you are in the middle of nowhere?
1:05:29 – How far “to the left” does Colgate lean politically?
1:07:30 – What is diversity like at Colgate?
1:11:12 – How do students get around campus, and how do they get home?
1:14:09 – What is one piece of advice that you have for a student applying to Colgate?



  1. Very good!!!! I have a problem 🙁 I have everything but I havent toelf/sat scores because Its very expensive in my country. I am from Venezuela. I am doing a campaign for receive help through gofundme. Which is the deadline for send the test scores?


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